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14 Amazon Leadership Principles and Why They Matter

Amazon delivers the best customer service in the world. Everyone should benchmark themselves against Amazon if they want to become customer-centric. I would encourage you to read these 14 Amazon Leadership Principles and learn from the best.

Colin Baker from Leadership Staff expanded on the 14 principles. Last year Amazon had sales of  $514 billion. A $44.2 billion increase in sales. Jeff Bezos mastered the Service Strategy. The problem is most firms in the world do NOT understand the power of the Service Strategy. I am not sure why more organizations do not seem to be interested in growing sales by $44.2 billion in just one year.

There are 3 Core Steps in Delivering a Service Culture.

  1. Strategy
  2. Leadership: Amazon is very effective and driving this philosophy with everyone in a leadership position, They have over 1,650,000 employees.
  3. Tools: You have to invest in building employees.  You need to have the training materials that build people. The average salary at Amazon is $64,805. The starting wage is $19 an hour and includes healthcare and college tuition.

Take a look at my proven process for driving a service culture.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles