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Happy Employees Mean Happy Customers

Ensuring an efficient and quality customer service takes a great deal of training and coordination. Focusing on each department in your company to make it a smoothly operating machine takes not only focus on the customer, but on the employee themselves. When customers become friends instead of antagonists of an informed service, a job is … Read more

Handling Irate Customers a Delicate Matter

Dealing with irate customers is among the most pressure packed experiences any employee will ever encounter.  Facing off with a screaming, unreasonable, irrational customer represents the ultimate test of any employee’s service skills.   For even the most seasoned employees, handling irate customers can be difficult.  The essential characteristics, or four C’s will help employees … Read more

Get to know your customers

What’s the biggest asset to your business? Besides your employees of course. But, no matter what industry you work in, providing great customer service should always be your number one goal. Why? It’s good for your reputation, employees, customers and your profits.   The way to increase customer service is to get to know your … Read more

Is Customer Service a Myth at Staples, Nordstrom’s and Samsung?

I am amazed at how many large firms promote customer service but offer very little. Most CEO’s believe their employees are empowered and provide great service but unfortunately this is really a myth. The lack of empowerment and service recovery will prevent these firms from excellence and repeat business. I bought a Galaxy Samsung Camera for my safari in … Read more

SQI Wins RTA Government Contract in Dubai

The Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) has partnered with SQI in order to meet the RFP requirements for Road and Transport Agency (RTA) in Dubai and other Emirates. This Service Culture Project supports their 7 Stars Customer Service Strategy and is in preparation for Dubai’s Expo 2020. John Tschohl is doing a 7 Star … Read more