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GE… The Story Gets Worse

In the last newsletter I talked about the value of GE stock under former Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. The Wall St. Journal has uncovered during his 16 years in office he had 2 corporate jets follow him across the world. One was in case there was a mechanical problem on the first jet. In … Read more

8 Principles of Great Service to Create a Service Culture

Service Culture doesn’t come as easy as you’d expect. These are some simple principles critical for creating a Service Culture. Understand this is Strategy Eliminate dumb rules. Make it easier for customers to do business with you. Master empowerment Use speed. Shrink the time it takes to get things done by 90% Use Service Recovery … Read more

Making a Difference in a Competitive World

I met the most customer driven security guard of my entire life in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in October. His name is Talal AlHarbi. I was meeting top executives of Saudi Airlines and Talal was at their corporate headquarters. In Saudi Arabia I kept hearing how Saudis were not always the best employees. I assumed they … Read more