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3 Critical Customer Service Elements in Changing Attitudes and Behaviors

Everyone in the world knows customer service is critical to an organization’s success. The problem in the last few years is the quality of customer service seems to get worse each month. Almost every customer-focused company in the last 20 years has gone through some variation of a customer service program.

It’s like attending a class on losing weight. It might have been 4 or 10 years ago and there is a good chance we didn’t maintain the skills we learned. Over time, this often leads us to forget the lessons entirely.

There are 3 critical elements that must used to create maximum impact.

1. You must change attitudes and behaviors

What you know is irrelevant. What hit your gut and stuck with you is what counts. This means first you have to change attitudes and behaviors. You have to emotionally drive the concept of superior service. Almost everyone believes they already deliver great service.

There are 5 elements that all of our learning programs have that are critical for an emotional impact:

  1. The participant likes fun and exciting material. Most training programs tend to be boring and dry.
  2. Eighty percent of the training time should be group discussion and interaction.
  3. Homework must be exciting and focus on personal development. Employees want to know, “What’s in it for me?”.
  4. The facilitator should be trained not to answer questions and suck the information out of the other participants.
  5. Most employees are too busy and feel they are already doing a great job at customer service.

2. You must teach the fundamentals and basics

I suspect 90% of all the problems are because of simple things employees did or didn’t do. I am 15 pounds overweight. It is not easy to lose weight. Execution of the fundamentals is critical.

  1. An employee has 3 -5 seconds to make an impact. They need to learn the fundamentals.
  2. Fundamentals are the hardest thing to master.
  3. When you focus on basics you must make it exciting.
  4. The smarter you are the more trouble you will have with mastering the soft skills.

3. Building employee morale and teamwork is critical to your organization’s success

Most people spend more time at work. Often there are personalty conflicts and disagreements with others in your organization. Some people do not like others and dislike other departments or divisions.

  1. With our training programs the more you mix participants the bigger the impact on employee morale and teamwork. You get to know others. Now when I need something in accounting or shipping I talk to my friend.
  2. Many executives do not understand the power and value of employees who love their jobs.
  3. We also find when a person has to facilitate one of our programs they learn more than anyone.
  4. Most employees are happy with where they are. Everyone wants to make more money but most people don’t push themselves to become indispensable and extraordinary so they Move Up.

Building high-performing customer-driven employees who are indispensable and extraordinary will allow your organization to reach new heights faster. Try any of our learning programs, train your entire staff, and if unhappy or you feel it didn’t work, then simply return all the products for a complete refund. We had 2 returns over the last 45 years totaling under $800. Try us. Our products work and we stand behind them.

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