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6 Steps for Great Customer Service in 2024

In 1979 I developed Feelings, the world’s first customer service program. It was released in January 1980 and millions of people throughout the world have gone through the program. We have 5 versions of Feelings.
  1. Feelings Service Retail. (The video was upgraded in 2023)
  2. Feelings for Professionals
  3. Healthcare with Feelings (Totally customized for healthcare)
  4. Feelings Customer Care for Supermarkets (Updated in 2023)
  5. Connections for Higher Education

We share the foundational principles essential for outstanding customer service, which are noticeably absent in many organizations today. These principles are designed to elevate the customer service experience by fostering personal growth among employees, encouraging courteous interactions, emphasizing the importance of positive communication, advocating for performance and reliability, highlighting the critical nature of active listening, and underscoring the value of comprehensive job knowledge. Together, these elements form a blueprint for not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

1. Feel Good About Yourself 

Most employees have personal problems. Little things become big things. The employee wants to know what is in it for me. You want me to deliver great customer service so what do I get out of this? When employees Feel Good About Themselves it reflects better customer service, teamwork, and employee morale.

2. Practice Habits of Courtesy

Every customer wants to be treated with respect. In 2-3 seconds a customer can tell how much you care. It’s a smile, warmth, and so many fundamental skills. NO education system anywhere in the world will teach students these skills.

3. Use Positive Communications

Customers can hear your tone of voice, see your body language, and view your face and eyes. Too often we receive negative news. Every day the world is coming to an end if we watch the media. Employees need to learn the art of positive verbal and nonverbal communication. You have only seconds.

4. Perform

Do what we said we would do. You can be super nice but if you do not do what you said you were going to do you have lousy customer service. Over deliver and under promise. Speed is everything.

5. Listen

Rarely do employees listen or pay attention to what the customer wants. Employees are too busy thinking about their next date or party. When you call to make a dinner reservation you will have to repeat yourself because rarely was the employee listening. I recently was trying to book an expensive trip to Africa. My travel agent was awesome but the other 3. I reached out to never read or paid attention to my email requests.

6. Learn about Your Job

It is really easy to move up and make more money if you learn everything about your job and every position in your organization. Too few people know everything about where they work.

You can tell in seconds if the employees know what they are doing and what their product or service really does. Do this on your own time if you really want to move up in your organization.

Well-trained employees will help you achieve your sales goals. They create word-of-mouth advertising. Their performance will help bring customers back and their friends. Service leaders value customer and their employees. They are willing to invest in training their entire staff.

Here is a link for Feelings for Retail Service. On all SQI programs, there is an option for an Introductory Start Up Special with free shipping worldwide for the Facilitator Guide and Flash Drive for the videos and 25 participant kits.