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7 Key Steps Critical to Being a Service Leader

There are a variety of core skills or steps necessary to become a Service leader. Take these 7 skills and implement them into your Customer Service Practices today!

1. Eliminate Dumb Rules: You can have great people but really dumb policies and rules. For example most firms use IVR to avoid talking to customers. Any firm with more than 100 employees should have a 24/7 call center. Phone should be answered in 1-2 rings by a live person. NO IVR. Make it easy to do business with your organizations. Have hours convenient to the customer.

2. Master Empowerment: So many crazy things happen each day. Employees must be empowered to make fast decisions on the spot to make a customer happy. I could count on 2 hands the number of times I see employees making an empowered decision.

3. Speed: Very few employees and organizations understand or practice speed. Amazon and Uber have awesome speed. Most small business have no speed. The mind set of employees is slow. Companies have policies they reinforce slow.

4. Service Recovery: All of us make mistakes. Stupid stuff happens each day. How employees respond to these problems is core to great service. Less than 1 percent of companies use Service Recovery.

5. Remember Me: Your name is magic. Few employees remember you or use your name. Even when you pay by credit card or check your name is never used. Stupid.

6. Train everyone on Customer Service…regularly: You need a new program every 4 months. Must be fresh and new. Too many firms think there is a magic program you can dip your employees in and for the rest of their lives they will remember everything.

7. Service Strategy: SQI is not selling customer service programs. Our focus to help organizations rapidly grow their business through the service strategy.

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