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A Sharpe Outlook: Best Practices For Success

There’s no shortage of great ideas, but rather a shortage of people who believe in themselves. Is it your time to swim in the sea of opportunity? Companies are looking for that employee that exceeds expectations and really shines. If Moving UP is what you are trying to achieve, then take the responsibility, be assertive, get noticed and make your employer need you. In order to move up, you must stand out. If you have a desire to become an entrepreneur, the same rules apply. Your business cannot be like every other business; it has to be distinctive, innovative, original, and command results. There will always be circumstances that will stand in the way but the time is now to fulfill your dreams and move up! Believe in yourself, take your goals seriously and work toward making your dreams come true. If you are not dreaming you should be and if you’re not pursuing start now.

Join John and me to discuss how to move up to new challenges, higher wages and greater joy. Listen to your dreams! John Tschohl was interviewed on Asharpe outlook… on the Voice America Business Network.  Listen to the interview and Learn More about how you can move up!

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