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Speed Critical to Great Customer Service

I talk about 9 critical elements to drive a service culture. Speed is one of them. Most employees think slowly. What is another 2-3 minutes. Another 1 -2 hours or 1-2 weeks. I am in Hilton Head this week for my 47th wedding anniversary. My wife Pat and I got married here 47 years ago. … Read more

6 Steps for Great Customer Service in 2024

In 1979 I developed Feelings, the world’s first customer service program. It was released in January 1980 and millions of people throughout the world have gone through the program. We have 5 versions of Feelings. Feelings Service Retail. (The video was upgraded in 2023) Feelings for Professionals Healthcare with Feelings (Totally customized for healthcare) Feelings … Read more

Deliver a Service Culture and Customer Experience so Positive that Your Customers Fall in Love with You

In 1980 I released Feelings the world’s first customer service program based on a very simple concept. When you treat a customer like a king or queen they come back, spend more with you, and bring their friends. This is the foundation of great customer service.  When customer service is poor customers don’t come back … Read more

Elon Musk – The Richest Man on Earth

Last month I finished reading the 670-page book, Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson. A book worth reading. When I read a book I highlight the key ideas and mark outstanding ideas with a star. Then I rate the book and put down the date I completed the book.  (This was October 29 and I rated … Read more

14 Amazon Leadership Principles and Why They Matter

Amazon delivers the best customer service in the world. Everyone should benchmark themselves against Amazon if they want to become customer-centric. I would encourage you to read these 14 Amazon Leadership Principles and learn from the best. Colin Baker from Leadership Staff expanded on the 14 principles. Last year Amazon had sales of  $514 billion. … Read more

Build Rapid Sales Through a Service Strategy

3 Core Ways to Grow Your Business Borrow $10-20 million for capital renovation. I am sure your local bank has very low-interest rates and would love to borrow you unlimited money. Spend $50,000 -100,000 a month on advertising and marketing. There are probably 1000 different places that offer advertising options that all would love your … Read more

9 Principles for Driving a Service Culture

Delivering awesome customer service involves 9 principles. Customer service is not complicated. It is the execution of some fundamentals that make a huge difference. It must start at the top and involve every employee. Remember that 99% of customer contact with your employees is with your front-line employees. Relentless Strategy Focus on strategy. You must … Read more