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Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods

On February 25, I was the keynote speaker for Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods/PepsiCo in Moscow, Russia. The speech was very well-received by everyone, from the lowest-level employee to the Vice President (pictured below). Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods emphasizes a passion for customer service and showed it through their enthusiasm during the presentation. Below: John Tschohl in Moscow with Ruslan … Read more


Depart for Moscow today and have a great seminar with Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods which is going to be outstanding! Check back next week for photos and video of my seminar. Great new article in HR Brand head on over to read “Effective training and development tools for sales reps”

Back in Minnesota

Just back from the great NYC! Had a great time. My wife’s dog won at Westminster’s Dog show you can find out more by taking a look at her website While I was gone I had a few new articles published. Head on over take a look.

February CCST, New York here I Come!

Have another great article about customer service strategy from Brainity in Russian. Head on over to their site and check it out! I will be traveling to New York this weekend looking forward to a great trip! We just finished the CCST here is a link to a few photos enjoy!

Where Are The Role Models?

Vernon Hill at Metro Bank is extraordinary. They are athletes, Nobel Prize winners, and heads of state. They are role models who inspire others not only to follow in their footsteps, but to do better, dream bigger. But, where, I ask you, are the customer service role models? Where are those people who have made … Read more

A New Year and A New Look at Complaints

Keep Those Complaints Coming, complaints are look at normally as pitfalls or as a failure when they should be seen as an opportunity for growth! Don’t run or try to hide from them all they can do it help you build a better business. Check out my current media release on the crucial topic of … Read more

Happy Holidays

Here at Service Quality Institute we have had an amazing year! We have connected with a great many people all over the world, and have empowered even more! Everyone here at SQI wants to wish you a happy and safe holiday and looks forward to 2011, where we will expand the service culture to new … Read more

Empowered Role Models

“If you don’t believe me, believe them.” It’s a way of life—or, at least, it should be. I’m talking about empowerment. If you want to grow your business and ensure its continued success, it’s absolutely essential that you empower your employees to take care of your customers. Doing so will eliminate the need to micromanage … Read more