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8 Critical Steps On How To Create A Service Culture

In today’s competitive economy, good service is nice but, it will not keep customers from looking at your competition. You need awesome, incredible and WOW service consistently. I want to share several critical steps necessary to create a service culture with good customer service skills so every employee knows the “Customer Is King.” Step One:  Drive … Read more

The Customer Service Empowerment Revolution

The Wall Street Journal had a Review published on Saturday, entitled “The Customer As A God“, that lays out a view of the future where customers are totally empowered.  I encourage you to check out the article.  Then ask yourself whether your organization treats your customers as if they are cattle.  If you have a … Read more

Walk In Your Customers’ Shoes: Doing So Will Give You the Information You Need To Grow Your Business

How easy is it for people to do business with your organization? If you don’t know, you’d better find out—and fast. It is the customer experience that determines whether or not you will attract and retain customers. It is the customer experience that determines your sales, your profits—and your success. If you don’t provide your … Read more

Why Creating Great Customer Service Is Essential

Case Study: Lifetime Fitness  Bloomington, MN I recently signed up for personal training at the Bloomington South Lifetime Fitness, and was reminded why creating a wow customer service experience is essential. After signing up for personal training with a trainer I had connected with and liked, she left Lifetime Fitness for a different job before … Read more

Speed Matters! Customer Service is Social AND Mobile

I recently saw a blog post at the Software Advice blog entitled “Our Favorite Customer Service Apps,” by Lauren Carlson. Lauren: I agree with your comments. You are on track to help organizations improve their customer service. Customer Service Apps are critical for helping all of us understand who is committed to great service. Almost … Read more

Service Recovery: Four Steps to Customer Loyalty

Over the years, I have addressed service recovery in thousands of speeches throughout the world. It is, I believe, one of the most important elements of customer service, and it can make the difference between success and failure for any organization. I am amazed, however, at how many people—from frontline employees to senior executives—do not … Read more

High Tech, High Touch

It’s a Winning Combination No one I know would dispute the benefits technology—specifically the computer—has had on every aspect of our lives. It has put information at our fingertips and allowed us to communicate with others whenever and wherever we happen to be. Technology also has allowed businesses—no matter their size, location, products, or services—to … Read more

Reduce Costs And Improve Morale

How? Ask your employees. In an uncertain economy, CEOs scramble, looking for ways to cut costs and keep their businesses afloat. The most common step they take is to reduce the workforce by terminating employees, which reduces payroll but also has a devastating impact on morale and on customer service. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem. What … Read more