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High Tech, High Touch

It’s a Winning Combination No one I know would dispute the benefits technology—specifically the computer—has had on every aspect of our lives. It has put information at our fingertips and allowed us to communicate with others whenever and wherever we happen to be. Technology also has allowed businesses—no matter their size, location, products, or services—to … Read more

Reduce Costs And Improve Morale

How? Ask your employees. In an uncertain economy, CEOs scramble, looking for ways to cut costs and keep their businesses afloat. The most common step they take is to reduce the workforce by terminating employees, which reduces payroll but also has a devastating impact on morale and on customer service. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem. What … Read more

Technology And the Human Touch

I recently wrote an article entitled, “Technology and the Human Touch,” which was published in the Call Center Times. This topic is especially important to call centers, because telephone support representatives have only a short window of time to make an impression on their customer–without the important elements of good customer service skills including eye … Read more

Customer Service Myths

Most CEOs and other executives don’t fully understand customer service and its huge impact on sales and profits for their organizations. They don’t understand what they should (and shouldn’t) do in order to provide the best possible service to their customers. In fact, many of them have false beliefs when it comes to customer service. … Read more

John Tschohl Featured in and

Two new published articles written by John Tschohl came out today. The first, Customer Service Myths: If You Believe Them, You’re in Trouble, appeared in, a Hospitality, Travel, and Hotel News website today. In the article, I describe 3 common myths surrounding Customer Service and explains how to debunk them. Click here to read the full story. Across the … Read more

Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods

On February 25, I was the keynote speaker for Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods/PepsiCo in Moscow, Russia. The speech was very well-received by everyone, from the lowest-level employee to the Vice President (pictured below). Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods emphasizes a passion for customer service and showed it through their enthusiasm during the presentation. Below: John Tschohl in Moscow with Ruslan … Read more


Depart for Moscow today and have a great seminar with Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods which is going to be outstanding! Check back next week for photos and video of my seminar. Great new article in HR Brand head on over to read “Effective training and development tools for sales reps”

Back in Minnesota

Just back from the great NYC! Had a great time. My wife’s dog won at Westminster’s Dog show you can find out more by taking a look at her website While I was gone I had a few new articles published. Head on over take a look.

February CCST, New York here I Come!

Have another great article about customer service strategy from Brainity in Russian. Head on over to their site and check it out! I will be traveling to New York this weekend looking forward to a great trip! We just finished the CCST here is a link to a few photos enjoy!