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My new hardcover book, Relentless will be released in September or October. The cover is below. With the pandemic, customer service has been put on the back burner for most US firms. Customer service is the worst I have seen it in 40 years. After months of a lockdown you would think firms would be … Read more

November Service Recovery

Every organization makes mistakes. Things go wrong every day regardless of how good or committed you are. Service Recovery is how you salvage a problem when you are at fault or when you are perceived to be at fault and make the customer fall in love with you. To just say I am sorry is … Read more

Get Over Happy Customers with Empowerment

The backbone of great service is empowerment. My definition is for any employee to make a fast empowered decision on the spot in favor of the customer. No asking for approvals. No delays. No moving the request up the chain of command. I think most CEO’s believe their employees are empowered, The description of empowerment … Read more

Auto Insurance…The Need for Speed.

In 2017, Ping An, China’s second largest insurers and the biggest non-state-owned company by revenue, rolled out a “Superfast Onsite Investigation” system — enabling policy holders to submit claims by simply operating a smartphone app and answering a few questions. Fender Benders, even minor ones, used to mean interminable hassle for Chinese drivers. One could … Read more

Customer Service Leaders Financial Returns

For over 30 years I have been reading the financial annual reports from Service Leaders. I find that some annual reports are full of smoke because they manipulate data and just dream about being a service leader. Authentic Service leaders, on the other hand, do a great job. I have highlighted key ideas so you … Read more

The 6 Elements of Superior Service

I created the first customer service program called “Feelings” and released it in January of 1980. We have updated the program numerous times and sometimes it’s hard to keep count…. today we have 5 versions of Feelings. All versions and updates focus on 6 core elements. The one thing I have found amazing is that … Read more

Success is Staring You Right in the Face

Even the most successful companies are in constant competition for business.  What sets them apart often boils down to one factor…outstanding customer service.  I have spent 44 years focused on customer service.  I have written hundreds of articles, as well as 7 books on the topic.  I have also been interviewed on television and radio … Read more