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The Beauty of Bellyachers

The verb form of bellyache is what I am referring to. It is to complain or bellyachabout simple matters that are not taken care of for the customer. It’s simply asking for a solution to a mishap or bad service. I know, as a business person you can see them coming from a mile away.  … Read more

What Causes Employee Turnover?

Very few firms understand the cost of employee turnover and damage it can do to their brand. Take a look at how your company values people from the front door to the corporate level. The mind set is pretty simple…the less you pay them the easier they are to replace. Not true! Employees at the … Read more

The Religion of Empowerment at Disney

The Religion of Empowerment at Disney I have such a passion for taking any company and introducing them to the power of delivering awesome customer service.  It’s the focus of every one of my books.  I have been passionate about it and continue to preach on the subject.  It is my guide to delivering exemplary … Read more

Out-Learn Your Competition

Successful people are obsessed with learning.  They out-learn everyone around them. They’re voracious readers.  Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, and Disney CEO Bob Iger read and learn. They finish newspapers, books, audio books, journals, and magazines like Harvard Business Review, Inc, or Forbes while their not-so-committed peers waste their time on worthless entertainment. I … Read more

Does Good Service Get You Into The Game?

Most firms feel their customer service is good. The question is does that provide customer loyalty and more sales. Is Good Service enough? In the US firms spend all their money doing Surveys. They feel it’s the thing to do, the same as everybody else does.  They include a survey for almost everything you buy … Read more

How to Pi** Off Your Customers

First let me clarify the value of quality service. I believe that great service retains the customers you already have, attracts more customers, and develops a reputation that encourages customers to do business with you in the future. Are you guilty of the following customer service crimes? Telephone torture… Too many firms worship at the … Read more

What Do You Do When Mistakes Happen?

In the US most firms believe they are really awesome at customer service but, no matter how good you are, problems occur.  Mistakes happen. I find most firms do not realize the danger of losing customers from mistakes and my recent experience reinforces that claim. I flew to JFK in New York on a Sunday … Read more

Are You Guessing on Your Quality of Customer Service?

Providing outstanding customer service at the right price is the “Golden Rule” of most companies. It’s worth remembering that we all experience customer service every day. Customer service is a critical piece of your business, and you should fine-tune it as much as you can. Here are some well-known facts on customer service …. Fact: … Read more

Service Recovery and Handling Irate Customers

Every organization makes mistakes daily. Things go wrong and bad stuff happens no matter how committed we are to great service. When this happens, the frontline employee often takes the brunt of your customer’s wrath. Not every customer is nice and often uses derogatory language. When things blow up the customer can get very excited … Read more