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Being Relentless, The #1 Trait for Success

I am in the process of writing a new hardcover book for an expected release date of September titled “Relentless”.

With Customer Service being my lifelong commitment, I figured my next step is to write a book about what I feel is the one trait most successful business owners and leaders need and that is to be…relentless.

I think most firms focus on customer service for a few months, sometimes for a few years and they let it slide after a couple of years.

In order to have a service culture, improve the value of your business and market share you have to be relentless.

Firms that are relentless are Amazon, Apple,, Costco, Mayo Clinic, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and Northeast Delta Dental. With the thousands of firms across this country and world, there are only a handful that are relentless.

I have been preaching Customer service my entire adult working life and am still going strong. Whatever you chose to focus on as your life’s work has to be a lifetime commitment. This takes work and a relentless attitude.

Sam Walton built Walmart based on great prices and customer service. When Lee Scott took over as CEO in January 2000 the focus shifted to price. The stock of Walmart was worth less after he left in January 2009 than when he started.

Many CEOs tend to have a strong financial background and it’s tough for these CEOs to see the power of great customer service. They fail to realize that money is the by-product of a relentless commitment.

People have accused me of being relentless and I take that as a compliment as I am part of an elite group. started with a focus on superior customer service. The company in now worth $14.3 billion. Ryan Cohen founded the company in 2011 at age 25. He sold it to Pets Smart for $3.35 billion in April 2017. Ryan said, “I was building a customer-focused business over the long run.” In June 2019 Pets Smart had an IPO for $22 share. As of March 4, the stock is at $28.93 a share, Ryan and are relentless. They now have 9,833 employees.

I have example after example of firms like the Mayo Clinic and Amazon that are relentless. In 2019 Amazon grew sales $47.63 billion. Sales increased to $280.52 billion. Jeff Bezos is relentless and by being so has become the richest man in the world.

That was not his goal but, the by-product of his relentless Customer Service passion made him wealthy. And even to this day, he stays relentless in serving his customers.