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Service Recovery: How to Take a Customer from Hell to Heaven in 60 Seconds or Less

Everyone makes mistakes. When you screw up and say, “I am sorry. Our mistake.” it is good customer service but NOT Service Recovery. Most organizations never admit mistakes and less than 1% practice Service Recovery. Keeping customers is critical to your growth. Gaining a new customer is expensive. When you lose one it is super … Read more

The Power of Service Recovery

Everyone screws up. The problem is what you do to keep the customer from defecting. Often “I am sorry” will work. If you have a monopoly “I am sorry” is fine. Most of us have competition and the cost of losing a customer is huge. Very few people know the cost of a defection so … Read more

Two Service Leaders Who Own and Dominate Their Markets Through a Service Strategy

Very few companies understand the power of the Service Strategy. It is the most powerful tool for rapid growth. market dominance and record sales and profits. In the US most firms believe they deliver awesome service and almost no one can name even 5 service leaders. Many spend a fortune on their stupid customer satisfaction … Read more