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9 Principles for Driving a Service Culture

Delivering awesome customer service involves 9 principles. Customer service is not complicated. It is the execution of some fundamentals that make a huge difference. It must start at the top and involve every employee. Remember that 99% of customer contact with your employees is with your front-line employees. Relentless Strategy Focus on strategy. You must … Read more

Statistics of a Strong Service Culture

There are so many financial benefits to creating a real service culture. You dramatically increase the value of the business. Significantly more than any competitor. Sales will be light years ahead of your competition. Market share will have a dramatic increase. With COVID finally going into hiding it is time for organizations to dramatically improve … Read more

Ethiopian Airlines Soon to be the Most Customer-Centric Airline in the World

I was in Ethiopia for 6 days in November doing service strategy seminars for the Ethiopian Airlines leadership team, key employees and the executive team. They want all their employees to be Customers Oriented, Not Task Oriented. About 2,500 employees attended my seminars in their 500-seat auditorium. We then trained 50 selected leaders to facilitate … Read more

Awesome Customer Service from the US Post Office

We like to bash the government, but I think recognition and applause are needed when we encounter awesome service. I was on the public tennis court on a Thursday in Bloomington at about 3 PM when my former mailman, Scott Pelton, got out of his delivery vehicle and approached me. He had a package from … Read more

New Programs and Upgrades of our Customer Service Programs

Service Quality Institute is spending a lot of money and time upgrading our programs, so you have the best material in the world to use. Leading Empowered Team for An Awesome Customer Experience I have spent the last several months upgrading the two-day seminar. The focus is on Empowerment, Coaching & Feedback, Teamwork, and How … Read more

Is Training Employees on Customer Service Really Necessary?

Most organizations are reluctant to spend the time and money training their employees on customer service. In the world, most employees are young. Employee turnover averages 20-30% in most companies. The fear of training an employee and then they leave in 60 days discourages most companies from investing in the education of their employees. There … Read more

Why is Great Customer Service So Hard to Find?

I have never figured out why so few firms deliver great service. In 1979 I wrote the world’s first customer service program because customer service was awful. Feelings was released in January 1980. Customer service probably is worse today than when I started. All firms in the US believe they deliver great service. Almost everyone … Read more

Speaking Tours in Georgia and Azerbaijan

I just returned from speaking tours in Tbilisi, Georgia and Baku, Azerbaijan. Both are beautiful countries. Nice people and great food. This is my first visit to both countries. Georgia is on the Black Sea right beneath Russia, and next to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The government of Georgia and their Tourism Administration invited me … Read more