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Make It Easy for Someone to Do Business With You

Customer service is not very hard. I think very few firms really try. There are 4 doors you need to use. Door One your physical location. This is the most expensive. Your business need to have hours convenient to the customer. Few firms do. Most banks are open hours and days convenient to the owner … Read more

How to Take Advantage of COVID- 19 to Increase Sales

Most firms this year have eliminated or cut back on customer service. This is a serious mistake and an opportunity for you to grab market share and sales. Everyone is avoiding customers. Phones and are not answered or it takes 5-20 times longer than normal. The offices are closed. Vail Resorts I always considered a … Read more

Seven Steps on How to Survive the COVID-19 Sales Downturn

Customer service in the US has reached a new low. Frankly it is getting worse each week. You’d think with all the closed businesses due to the pandemic that the companies that are struggling would be so much more aware of their customer service.  The problem is almost all CEO’s believe they provide great service … Read more


My new hardcover book, Relentless will be released in September or October. The cover is below. With the pandemic, customer service has been put on the back burner for most US firms. Customer service is the worst I have seen it in 40 years. After months of a lockdown you would think firms would be … Read more

Free Books On Success During COVID- 19 Pandemic

The world has been shut down globally while the COVID-19 is ravaging the world.  Many of us are supposed to not leave our homes on a global basis.  I want to help you make lemonade out of lemons. I have 2 free books on my web site you can download for FREE.  Both books will … Read more

Being Relentless, The #1 Trait for Success

I am in the process of writing a new hardcover book for an expected release date of September titled “Relentless”. With Customer Service being my lifelong commitment, I figured my next step is to write a book about what I feel is the one trait most successful business owners and leaders need and that is … Read more

What is Customer Experience?

There any many doors a customer enters, and many people the customer interfaces with, when one person screws up it impacts the entire customer experience. It first starts with Strategy. This is where most companies miss the mark. Many think they are in healthcare, retail, banking, insurance, government, etc. Very few realize they are in … Read more