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Come Learn From The Best…how to create a Service Culture!

Many organizations have no idea how to drive a service culture. In the world, most companies believe they are awesome at service but few customers would agree.  Companies today are reluctant to finance training for employees to teach them superior customer service skills and to motivate them to replace indifference with enthusiasm

Not enough firms understand the power of the service strategy.  They still do not grasp the concept that when you provide awesome service, revenue and market share increase. Just good service does not get you into the game. 

The Worldwide Customer Service Conference October 2-4 in Minneapolis is organized to help you and your leadership team, understand how to drive a service culture within your own organization. We have a list of 9 leading edge customer service driven companies that will help you learn why you should focus on a service strategy and learn how they have done it and…are still doing it.

This is the conference not to miss. Come and listen to our all star line up. These are real people that have made it happen. This is an opportunity to spend time with these speakers, network and learn ideas you can immediately implement in your organization. We have many US service leaders speaking like Vail Resorts, Graebel Van lines, Northeast Delta Dental and Dr. Peter Johnson. When you visit our web site link you can get detailed information on each speaker, agenda and registration. The registration fee is $500 for the 3 day seminar with a Saturday night, October 4th, awards banquet.

We brought in the big players.  The ones that are service oriented and are still in the game for our Worldwide Customer Service Conference.  They know the benefits of driving a service culture.  They know the results to their bottom line have changed dramatically.  They are willing to share the experience and the enthusiasm they have created within their own organizations.

David Graebel Dave Graebel the CEO and Founder of Graebel Van Lines is the largest privately held relocation service firm in the world. He built his entire company around customer service. I have featured Graebel in my book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service since it was first written.
Tom Raffio Tom Raffio, CEO of Northeast Dental is in the insurance business. Tom has implemented the Guarantee of Service Excellence, GOSE and authored a book, There Are NO Do-Overs. He has 60 and 70% market share. This is unbelievable. NO insurance company in the world has this market share. I have also featured Delta Dental in my book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service since 1990.
Eric Simon Eric Simon. Vice President & General Manager Urban Ski Areas for Vail Resorts. There is NO ski resort in the world that has consistently mastered the service strategy better than Vail Resorts. If you can master what Vail Resorts has done there will be NO stopping your organization.
Dr. Pete Johnson Dr. Pete Johnson of Strategic Performance Institute is a strategist, execution specialist. He has helped the US Armed Services, leading firms in China and will provide an insight on how to execute and deliver a service strategy.
Tewolde Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines. This is the number one airline in Africa. They made more profit last year than all the other African airlines combined. In the world most airlines are bad at customer service but in Africa it is often much worse. With over 8000 employees, learn how one of the most successful airlines in the world is driving a service culture.
Jessica Soule Jessica Soule, Talent Manager Senior at Nissan Mexicana S.A. De. C.V. in Mexico  Nissan is one of the most customer service driven companies in Mexico using our program for their car dealers. Colombia, Peru and Chile are also implementing our programs.  Learn how Latin America firms focus on high-quality customer service and are successfully differentiating themselves by providing an unparalleled service culture.
Eduard Kim Eduard Kim, CEO & Founder of Technodom the largest and most successful retailer in Kazakhstan. This is a former Soviet Union country now part of the CIS. Technodom is the first Russian speaking country to focus on a service strategy and has overcome years of former Soviet thinking. Eduard is a leader, decision maker and leading edge thinking CEO. 
William Erio Williams Erio Director General, PPF Pensions Fund in Tanzania. This semi-government organization will share how you can drive a service culture in Africa with government. They are similar to Social Security in the US.  
Oscar Orozco Oscar M. Orozco, Sr. Director Secretario, Banco Promerica El Salvador. Oscar has used our programs more effectively than almost anyone in the world.  The financial results are very significant. This is one of the most successful banks in Central America. You will love Oscar. He is more passionate about SQI programs than anyone else in Latin America. 

Come listen to the best.  Come learn from the best.  Each one of these people from around the world has successfully implemented our leading edge customer service ideas. All these firms are major clients who are here to share their successes and their passion for their customers, their employees and their companies. 

At the conference each person will receive a personally autographed complimentary copy of my 10th Edition of Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service that signs up in August.  Join us now.

We have limited special room rates of $135 a night at the Radisson Blue which adjoins the Mall of America…the largest shopping mall in the U.S.

If you like to shop the prices are awesome. If outside the US the prices will be probably 50% less than what you normally pay. In Minnesota there is NO sales tax on clothing. They have free shuttle pick up to and from the airport.

The agenda is here

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I hope to see you in Minneapolis.


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