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Creating a Service Culture

If you are interested in creating a service culture please contact your SQI channel partner or SQI. We have a 3 year buffet plan of learning where you get 2-3 new programs a year for a very small amount of money per person. You save about 50%. View this link if interested

Many executives believe you can put all employees through one magic SQI customer service program and everyone will change all their attitudes and behaviors and become perfect. This only happens in your dreams. I believe you need something new, short, fresh and dynamic every 4 months. The real problem is you can never stop. Employee turnover will continue. Employees fall back into bad habits.

SQI programs are very short. Loyal for Life/Service Recovery and an Exceptional Service are just one session programs of 3-4 hours. Speed, Empowerment: A Way of Life, Remember Me, Handling Irate Customers, and Moving Up are two session programs of only 3-4 hours spaced one week apart. The two Idea Campaigns, BAD/Cost Reduction and Good Idea are both 30 days with NO training time. Coaching for Success for managers and supervisors is one day or two half days facilitated by SQI. Leading Empowered Teams is a 2 day seminar facilitated by SQI. Feelings our flagship program is implemented in 3 sessions of 3-4 hours each spaced one week apart. 

Service Quality Institute programs do 4 things.

  1. Change behaviors and attitudes. There are NO employees who do not know customer service is important. Everyone thinks they are awesome but in reality this is where most employees fail.
  2. We teach the skills of superior customer service with leading edge ideas. The focus is on fundamentals and basics. In February in Seoul South Korea the Winter Olympics will happen. All the Gold Medal winners will have execution of the basics. On December 29 I was with Shaun White the world’s top snow boarder at Copper Mountain Colorado. He is practicing every day for the final US competition and then the Olympics. Execution of fundamentals is the core to great service.
  3. We build employee morale and teamwork. In many organizations some employees and departments do not get along with others. We uplift the morale of the entire workforce. In customer service you are dependent on people. They often break down more than equipment.
  4. We drive sales, revenue and market share. Oscar Orozco bought into this strategy and the results are incredible. You can have the same success if you’re committed.

Contact the SQI team or our channel partners for help. Your success is our success

We have channel partners in most parts of the world. Click here 

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