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Customer Service Recovery Step 1

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Hi. I’m John Tschohl.

I want to talk about service recovery, and the four steps that we can use to keep a customer from defecting. To take an irate customer, somebody’s that’s ready to kill you, somebody’s that’s telling you they’re never going to come back… How do you flip that so that in 60 seconds the customer believes they’re dealing with the greatest company and the greatest individual in the entire world?

The first step is called “Act Quickly”. Act quickly means that all this has to happen, this whole service recovery experience, in 60 seconds or less. It means you can’t say, “I wonder where my manager is. Let me think about it, I’ll get back to you Tuesday.” No, act quickly means all of this has to happen by you, in 60 seconds. If you’ve got 60 employees or 600 or 6,000, every single person has to be able to implement service recovery. Has to be able to move very quickly on these four principles. Acting quickly is one of the greatest skills they can use to implement what I call “The Great, Incredible, Customer Service Experience” on service recovery.

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