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Customer Service Strategy for Banks

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Hi. I’m John Tschohl.

I’d like to talk about how you can use customer service strategies in your bank to build more market share, to increase deposits, to increase loans, to increase your assets, to eliminate and reduce customer complaints. Whether you have 40 employees or 400 employees or 4,000 employees, you’re going to teach everybody the skills and the art of customer service.

We have to change some of the policies and rules and procedures to make it easier for people to do business with you. I find that many banks are very rule-driven. There’s no empowerment. Employees get down on their knees every night and they say, “Dear God, give me more rules, more policies, more procedures.” You want your employees making very fast empowered decisions, and rarely do I find an employee in a bank that will do that.

Then you have to train and develop your staff on the skills and the art of customer service. It’s execution of fundamentals. You can go to any university, any high school for the rest of your entire life, anywhere in the world, there’s not one course, there’s not one class that’s going to teach your employee the skills and the art of customer service. If you want to change behaviors and attitudes, teach people the skills of customer service, build employee morale and team work, then you have to have something new and fresh, and it better be virtually every four months. When you stop, customer service will start to disappear. You have a lot of employee turnover rates. It’s high. You want to make sure that all the new employees are trained. You want to make sure the people that have been there for two years and five years are constantly being trained with new materials on the skills and arts of customer service.

That’s the strength of Service Quality Institute. I challenge you to become a service leader. I challenge you to take your bank, understand the service strategy, crush your competition, learn how to differentiate yourself, develop a customer experience that customers have never seen in any other bank in their lifetime before.

Look at Leading Empowered Teams to see how I can help you improve the customer service strategy in your bank.

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