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Customer Service Strategy for Restaurants

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Hi I’m John Tschohl,

I’d like to talk about how you can use customer service strategy for restaurants to keep more customers, to get more people to use word of mouth advertising to talk about how great you are.

You know, in restaurants we like the decor we like the settings — we think that the food quality is important, sometimes the pricing is important. I think there’s a whole other element in the restaurant business and that is: what does the cook do, the waitress do, the hostess do. How do we create this incredible experience so that in addition to the decor the food and the pricing and all that, the customer experience is incredible.

There’s a variety of things that I teach that I think are very critical to customer service strategy for restaurants.

Number one is: how do you make it easier for people to do business with your restaurant?

Are people, number two, empowered? When a person says “I really don’t want this item with the meal, can you substitute it for the ice cream?”, “I’m sorry sir, the computer system is all set up, you cannot do that”. Instead, you want the employee to say “Hey, no problem”. Okay?

Third is we want you to use the customers name. “Sir, good morning. My name is Marina. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. What is your name sir? Oh it’s John Tschohl. Mr. Tschohl have you ever been to our restaurant before? Oh this is your first time? Mr. Tchohl, it is great to have you here”. 

Use the customers name.

And then we have to train all of our staff on the skills and the art of customer service. See, you could go to any school for the rest of your life, any high school, college, university, you could have a Phd, nobody is going to teach your employees the skills of customer service. And if you think — that you can take a magic program and put your people into it and they’re going to change their life and be perfect because they went through 6 hours or 8 hours, you’re nuts. If you want high preforming, customer driven employees you’ve gotta have something new, fresh, virtually every 4 months and if you do that, thats how you deliver a better customer experience.

So my business is how do we take your total workforce and get everybody to understand that they are in customer service. So that your restaurant has the best customer service of any restaurant in your entire city. Thank you.

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