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Delta Dental

Tom Raffio 
President & CEO 
email – 
ph 603 223-1000
fax 603 223-1299

Northeast Delta Dental 
One Delta Drive
PO Box 2002
Concord, New Hampshire 03302-2002


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Since the inception of GOSE, Northeast Delta Dental’s market share has increased from 20 percent in their three states to 60 percent in Maine, 55 percent in New Hampshire and
60 percent in Vermont.

Northeast Delta Dental Service Guarantee Historical Metrics 1995-2022

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GOSE 2009

2022 Statistics

Our total 2022 revenue was $451,595,767


Our total 2022 net income was $8,137,101 net income.


Northeast Delta Dental is a non-profit. The Reserve/Surplus is $168,952,835 vs $8,573,838 when Raffio started in 1995 as CEO with the GOSE plan.

Primary subscribers 

Cover individuals 

Total Full Time Employees is 179

Our market share in their tri-state region is: New Hampshire 55%, Vermont 60% and Maine 60%

2022 Training Summary


Amount spent on training in 2022 was $133,835

Dollars per Full Time Employee = $750

% of payroll spent on training 
= 0.88%


Tom Raffio’s new book available on Amazon, Prepare for Crisis – Plan to Thrive:

The Inside Story of How One Company did it Right in 2020 and invested $27 million (about 8% of their annual revenue) in stakeholder relief and There are No Do Overs.