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Get to know your customers

What’s the biggest asset to your business? Besides your employees of course. But, no matter what industry you work in, providing great customer service should always be your number one goal. Why? It’s good for your reputation, employees, customers and your profits.


The way to increase customer service is to get to know your customers. Know what they want and you will keep them as customers.  Remember, it is not what you think you know that is important.  It is what customers think that matters, even if they are illogical.  Good service has nothing to do with what the provider of services believes it to be.  Good service only has to do with what customers believe it to be.


When a problem does arise, and believe me it will, respond to it as quickly as possible. Making the situation right will keep the customer happy and keep them coming back. Customer loyalty doesn’t just stem from good experiences. It can also stem from bad experiences that end in a positive way.


Once known, customer needs and expectations should be translated into specific activities and procedures that add value to basic products and services that will intensify customer loyalty.  And, make sure you inform all employees what customers are saying about service.


Surpassing expectations sounds like a tall order, but it can be done, and it will make your customers take notice. Most customers expect minimal interaction and help when they enter a store. Instead, make sure your employees are friendly, attentive and well informed.


Every company should subsequently invest in making life easy for customers. Regardless of what else you invest in, always remember to invest at least 40 hours a year training employees on the art of service.  Investment in your employees is an investment in your customers is an investment in your company.

It all starts with getting to know your customers.

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