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KMF, Microfinance Focusing on the Service Strategy in Kazakhstan

I just returned from spending a week in Almaty Kazakhstan helping the largest microfinance firm in Central Asia with 110 locations and 1771 employees drive a service culture. It is always exciting to see a leadership team excited about mastering the Proven Process for creating a Service Culture. They understand this is all about Strategy.

I spent 2 days visiting their locations and their competitors which I was able to use in my 2-day seminar. I have been working in Kazakhstan since 2013. A great country.

Here is a short video of a segment on empowerment below.

Here is my KMF introduction.

Live testimonials in English and Russian from Dalida Davlyatshina, Managing Director and Shalkar Zhussupov, Chairman of the Management Board are here

Shalkar Zhussupov, Chairman of the Management Board
Dalida Davlyatshina, Managing Director
Darkhan Maratuluy who organized and managed the event.
Kamila BesPayeva who managed logistics to get me to Almaty
Zhanna Baigunakova, Head of Quality who spent 2 days mystery shopping with me.
Zhanar Murzalina (far left), Director of Human Resources, Dalida Davlyatshine, Managing Director (2nd from left), John Tschohl and
Arman Abylaykhan (far right) Director of Credit Department.


Olga Yugay, CFO


Kulsara Saparbekova, Deputy CEO


Almira Abenova, Deputy CEO on left Dalida on the right