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Mayo Clinic …. In a league of their own

Recently my wife Pat, went for a health evaluation (physical) at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. During the evaluation they discovered a hernia that needed to be removed so they scheduled a surgery for the following day.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota is highly ranked for quality more often than any other academic medical center in the nation. They have received the Best Hospital Award, Leadership Award, Top hospital for delivering the highest quality care, Safety award, Nursing awards, Surgical Quality Improvement Awards and many others.  Their model of care is defined by teamwork, with a group of experts focusing their expertise on one patient at a time….my wife was in good hands. 

But, the customer service and customer experience is in a league of its own. We arrived at 5:30 AM the security people at the entrance were cordial and friendly. Their treatment of the patient was excellent, and the concern for the comfort and experience for the family is unmatched. The two people checking patients in were very professional and informative. The instructions to get to the floor and my wife’s room was very clear.

We were assigned a room where my wife would be comfortable and we could wait while she was recovering.  They have it set up so I could stay in contact with family and friends.  Also could check emails and handle any problems at my company.  There is free wireless throughout the Mayo Clinic. It is easy to sign up for and no passwords are required.  If you didn’t bring your own laptop, there is a free computer in the waiting room especially for guests.

The staff was helpful and very professional. Everyone constantly kept me updated once she went to the surgery room.  I was not concerned about what was happening and knew that she was well cared for.

Having the best health care facility in the US (really in the world) helps their brand. By providing a customer experience better than 99.9% of other health care facilities adds even more value.

For your information, my wife is recovering nicely and is doing very well. 

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