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Mayo Clinic The Most Customer-Driven Health Care Facility in the World

This month I went to the Mayo Clinic for a physical. I compare the Mayo Clinic to the Ritz Carlton and the remaining medical centers across the world being more like Motel 6. There is NO comparison. Everything is built around the customer experience from the moment you walk into this mammoth complex to the time you leave. I like great service with exceptional quality and they have set the standard. The people at the entrance and throughout the building are very friendly and helpful… every single person! They use technology to speed the process.

Matthew Bartlett, M.B.,B.Ch., BAO was my General Internal Medicine doctor who sent me on a series of tests. He was concerned about a serious cut on my right finger so he set up an appointment with Marco Rizzo, M.D, the Orthopedic Surgeon who operated on me that day.

Dr. Bartlett told me they have about 5,000 – 8,000 Resident applications a year and can only accept 25. Their people skills and teamwork are must-have skills to get hired. They get to watch all Residents before making a hiring decision. Without these skills, they will never be hired.

In previous newsletters, I have featured the Mayo Clinic. Let’s review what I saw in the 9 hours I was there on March 4th.

  • Everyone is super nice
  • Everyone will help you with directions. A very large facility.
  • Big signs… well marked
  • The doctors are the best in the world
  • People skills by everyone is exceptional
  • Flexibility in scheduling to make sure you see the right people and have the tests done that are needed.
  • NO plastic chairs. All chairs and couches are very plush.
  • Free computers everywhere for you to use.
  • Free Wifi with NO password (They make it easy for you to get on the Internet)
  • Visit their website to see their number one rankings.

You can see pictures from my trip to the Mayo Clinic here

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