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Empowerment - A Way of Life Online Program



Learn how to make on-the-spot decisions with confidence. Discover how permission to perform and please customers will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Empowerment so you and your organization can rise to greater levels of success.

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Program Includes:

  • 24 Video Training Lessons – Short to-the-point and easy to learn lessons that engrain the training so you benefit immediately.
  • Downloadable lessons and assignments – Practice and implement as you learn – it’s the way to ensure success and build habits!
  • Downloadable Technique Card – To keep in front of you and keep the techniques top-of-mind as you work.
  • Certificate of Completion – A certificate of completion and accomplishment from the leader in customer service training, Service Quality Institute.
Range Discount
1 - 99 $97.00 as price per unit
100 - 249 $77.00 as price per unit
250 - 499 $62.00 as price per unit
500 - 2499 $47.00 as price per unit
2500 - 4999 $32.00 as price per unit
5000 - 50000 $19.00 as price per unit