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How to turn Irate Customers into Raving Fans



The difference between an average business and a great business is how they deal with Irate customers and turn them into their Raving fans.

For a business, a hard matter for most staff is being able to deal with Irate customers. The damage that an irate customer can do to your business can have a huge ripple effect, particularly if it gets on social media.

It seems to be a miracle, but yes, you can turn an irate customer into a raving fan!

How you ask?

Well that is the secret in our course, “How to Turn Irate Customers into Raving Fans”.

No one wants to receive any negative feedback from customers. Like it or not, all businesses will face these situations from time-to-time. The success of your business relies on your staff and their ability to turn unhappy customers into not just satisfied customers but also raving fans.

Ok, wait! Why raving fans? Because they will do word-of-mouth marketing for you telling others about their experience with your services. It is the most effective way to ensure your business reputation and maintain your brand’s identity.

Put ALL your staff through this course, not just your front-line staff as you have both internal and external customers.

If you want the edge over your competitors, outstanding customer service will enhance your reputation!

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Program includes:

  • 38 Video Training Lessons – Short to-the-point and easy to learn lessons that engrain the training so you benefit immediately.
  • Downloadable lessons and assignments – Practice and implement as you learn – it’s the way to ensure success and build habits!
  • Downloadable Technique Card – To keep in front of you and keep the techniques top-of-mind as you work.
  • Certificate of Completion – A certificate of completion and accomplishment from the leader in customer service training, Service Quality Institute.
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