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Introductory Start-up

1 Leader Guide, 1 Flash Drive and 25 Participant Packages (Free Shipping Worldwide)



During the 3-session workshop, healthcare workers will learn how to understand excellence, while covering these 11 areas:

  1. How to give best service to improve the healthcare consumer experience.
  2. What the modern healthcare client wants=and expects.
  3. How to cultivate a positive self-image while working with patients and co=worders.
  4. Valuing importance of first impression, as well as feedback and online reviews.
  5. How to put patients first.
  6. How to build caring relationships.
  7. How to learn and use positive communication techniques with patients and co-workers.
  8. How to provide the best customer service.
  9. How to exceed expectations and stay engaged.
  10. How to provide quality care to your colleagues.
  11. How to handle dissatisfied patients in healthcare settings.

A Participant Book provides background for use during the sessions and for reading afterward to further impact the skills being taught in non-work hours. This enduring guide then becomes a resource to reflect back on learning and tips after you’ve completed the workshop, saving over 8 hours of classroom time.

Implemented in 3 sessions, spaced one week apart of 2-3 hours each.
(3-4 hours each in developing countries)

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