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Service First Video Library



The Service First Video Library can be used by any type of organization to improve customer service because the concepts and vignettes are generic and cover every segment of the marketplace.

Purchase The Service First Video Library and receive:

Learn the art of customer service resource filled with instruction guides, exercises, insights, and expertise that guarantees success beyond expectation.

Benefits of The Service First Video Library Include:

  • Hundreds if of ideas to help your deliver outstanding customer service
  • How to handle complaints masterfully to avoid losing customers
  • Four skills to develop team work and skyrocket performance
  • Mastering service recovery when you make a mistake
  • 6 Steps to calm down an irate customer

A certificate of accomplishment is provided upon completion of the program.

Range Discount
1 - 99 $97.00 as price per unit
100 - 249 $77.00 as price per unit
250 - 499 $62.00 as price per unit
500 - 2499 $47.00 as price per unit
2500 - 4999 $32.00 as price per unit
5000 - 50000 $19.00 as price per unit