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Certification Seminars


Certification Seminar May 20-24, 2024  Virtual & In-Person

Certified Customer Service
Trainer (CCST) –
 4 Day Investment

Who Should Attend: Service champions who want to improve their coaching and reinforcement skills and learn how to facilitate Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings to build a more customer-driven organization.


If you want to avoid the travel expenses or do not have a visa to enter the US, participate virtually on Zoom at the discounted rate.
Each person is granted participation for a FREE in-person future Certification in Minneapolis if your visa is denied and participation in the virtual Certification.



Offered: Public and Tailored In-House Certification Programs in English or Spanish anywhere in the world.

Empower yourself and your Team with Service Quality Institute’s Customer Service Certification Seminars: a 4 day customized seminar dedicated to the nuances, strategies, and keys to driving a service strategy and  customer experience  at your organization. Gain the validity and recognition necessary to advance in your career, or strengthen your management group with sessions designed for both trainers and leaders.


The Service Quality Institute has garnered internationalrecognition as an educational leader in Customer Service Certifications,
management, strategy, and the science of interpersonal communication and  helping people believe in themselves. Our Certified Customer Service experts continue our tradition of helping you create a Customer Centric Culture.

Take a moment to view our current schedule for the May 20-24, 2024 Certification Seminar. Reservations are limited, so be sure to
schedule your participation in advance. If a Visa is required to enter the US we will provide an invitation letter and support from my US Senator once a visa appointment has been made and the initial payment of $649 or the early bird payment has been made. US Embassies often need 3- 6 months in advance to get a visa appointment so do not delay seeking online a visa appointment.

May 20-24, 2024 Investment:

The investment is only $2,800 per person for live in person certification in Minneapolis, or $2,600 per person for  virtual online.

You can register in nine convenient installments charged monthly to your credit or debit card.

1. Live In Person experience: an initial payment of $649, and nine monthly installments of $239 

2. Online experience: one down payment of $539, and nine monthly installments of $229 

For this plan you need to make your registration at least three months before the start of the program. If you need a U.S. Visa as soon as we have the payment John Tschohl will send a Visa Invitation letter and once you have a Visa appointment we will ask our US Senator to send a letter to the US Embassy in your country to support your Visa approval. Financing is through Service Quality Institute with no interest.

Early Bird Special Rate:

With your early enrollment you will save $503 per person with the reduced one-time fee of only $2,297  for the live in person experience,
and $2,097 per person for the online experience:

 Group Rates:

With the GroupPass you can enroll up to five people for $7,997 in the live in person format, or $7297  for the virtual online experience. With early
registration the sixth participant from your organization attends for FREE.

Payment methods:

We Accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Western Union and wire transfers.

 Optional: CCSL Certification:

Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL): If you can’t devote time to the entire program, consider the 3 day Certification. It is the
shortcut track with John Tschohl’s Service Strategy presentation, Leading Empowered Teams for an Awesome Customer Experience and Feelings

The CCSL is designed for executives who want to learn the managerial component of our learning process for their own management and leadership, without interest in teaching it to others in the company.

It does not include the Train-The-Trainers, or facilitator materials. The investment is only $1,497 per person in person, or $1,397 each online.  Certification graduates receive the CCSL (“Certified Customer Service Leader”) diploma, without the CCST (“Certified Customer Service Facilitator”) accreditation.

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[X] Yes, of course we
will participate in the Customer Service Certification Seminar:
 Please immediately reserve my places for the full program from May 20 to 24, 2024 in Minneapolis Minnesota, with four days of total immersion, with more than thirty hours of intensive training and the ability to network from other thought leaders from around the world.

I understand that upon successful completion of the program – once the requirements are approved – I will receive double international accreditation with the diplomas ‘Certified Customer Service Leader‘ (CCSL) and ‘Certified Customer Service Facilitator‘ (CCST) and earn 18 hours toward Service Quality Institute’s Graduate of Customer Service Diploma. and Master of Customer Service Customer Service Diplomas – Service Quality Institute (

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1. Please choose a plan


Plan 1: Financing in 10 installments, without interest

[ ] I want to take advantage of the Financing Plan. Charge my card today the initial payment of $649 per person. Then, each month, automatically charge me one of the remaining nine installments—$239 per participant each—until I complete my $2800 registration, free of charge. I understand that this plan is available by enrolling at least three months in advance.

Plan 2: Early one-time payment, saving $503

[ ] I want to save $503 per person on my registration. I am making an early one-time payment.

• Single tickets:
[ ] 1 participant, $2297 USD.
[ ] 2 participants, $2197 USD each.
[ ] 3 participants, $2,097 USD each. 
[ ] 4 participants, $2,097 USD each

• Group Pass:
Each Group Pass includes up to 5 participants for only $7,997, and a sixth person from your company can attend for FREE.

3 Year Service Culture Clients: Service culture clients are entitled to send up to 3 participants per year for FREE.


Optional: 3 Day Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL)
[ ] 
Certification This time I cannot participate in the full program. I will take the abbreviated track that corresponds to the first two days of the program – with the content of the first 2.5 modules – for only $1497 per person (without the Lessons from World Leaders, Feelings and Train-The-Trainers modules, and without the kit of manuals and facilitation videos). I understand that upon graduation I will receive only the CCSL diploma: ‘Certified Customer Service Leader’.

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Certified Trainer

Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST)
4 Day Investment

Who Should Attend: Service champions who want to improve their coaching and reinforcement skills and learn how to facilitate Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings to build a more customer-driven organization.
Upcoming Seminar Dates: May 20-24, 2024

LaQuinta Wyndham  Hotel.
Free Airport transportation and Mall of America  
$85 night single or double. Includes free breakfast.  
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 Details: Click Here for more information.

Certified Leader

Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCSL)
3 Day Investment

Who Should Attend: Service leaders who want to improve their customer service,  leadership and coaching skills and learn how to improve your management skills.
Upcoming Seminar Dates: May 20-24, 2024

LaQuinta Wyndham  Hotel.
Free Airport transportation and Mall of America  
$85 night single or double. Includes free breakfast.  
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Details: Click Here for more information.