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SQI has 12 New Online Learning Programs


Feelings for Professionals.
Feelings is the world’s first customer service program. It has been updated over 10 times in the last 30 years. This highly acclaimed program achieves a positive transformation in employees by increasing awareness of customer needs.


Healthcare With Feelings 
Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience is putting patients first, building caring relationships and empowering healthcare workers to exceed patient expectations.



Coaching for Success
Team building is a delicate process. Anyone can put together a group of talented people, but it takes a dedicated team leader and a devoted coach to effectively bring everyone together.


Moving Up and Setting Goals
Employees who succeed get ahead by doing more, and working creatively—being extraordinary by being faster, more remarkable and more human.


The Service First Video Library can be used by any type of organization to improve customer service because the concepts and vignettes are generic and cover every segment of the marketplace.

Benefits of The Service First Video Library Include:

  • Hundreds of ideas to help you deliver outstanding customer service
  • How to handle complaints masterfully to avoid losing customers
  • Four skills to develop team work and skyrocket performance
  • Mastering service recovery when you make a mistake
  • 6 Steps to calm down an irate customer

How to Turn Irate Customers into Raving Fans. Distinguish your organization from the competition in the way it handles customer complaints. Dealing with irate customers is one of the most pressure-packed experiences you will ever encounter on any job. Remember… difficult situations can go from bad to worse in a hurry. Turn them into Raving Fans



Feelings The Ultimate Customer Experience
A Retail Experience you feel 
achieves a positive transformation
in employees by increasing awareness of customer needs, improving skills for dealing with customers and improving communications and cooperation with other employees. 



Learn how to make on-the-spot decisions with confidence. Dramatically shorten the time it takes to complete any task for customers and co-workers by: Doing it fast, Doing it now, and Doing it right!


Empowerment: A Way of Life Learn how to make on-the-spot decisions with confidence. Discover how permission to perform and please customers will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Empowerment so you and your organization can rise to greater levels of success.


Loyal for Life
How to take Unhappy Customers from Hell to Heaven in 60 Seconds or Less!  Our proven 4-step method of recovery will take any unsatisfied customer and make them loyal to your organization for life.

ServiceExceptional cover

Exceptional Service
Service begins the moment a customer comes into contact with you. The Exceptional Service program sharpens employee service skills to consistently provide the ultimate customer experience.


Remember Me
Use Remember Me to gain a competitive advantage and emotionally lock your customers into your organization. People love to hear their own name. This program trains employees to recognize the importance of making customers feel important and cared for.

14 individual sessions
You can choose from or you can buy the complete set of all 14 modules.
 We have taken material from most of our customer service programs and created an online learning course that will help you improve your customer service skills.

 Another option is the The SQI Online Learning Portal 

We have a Gold option with 60 online courses and a Platinum with 100 online courses based on a minimum of 100 participants.
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