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Speed Critical to Great Customer Service

I talk about 9 critical elements to drive a service culture. Speed is one of them.

Most employees think slowly. What is another 2-3 minutes. Another 1 -2 hours or 1-2 weeks.

I am in Hilton Head this week for my 47th wedding anniversary. My wife Pat and I got married here 47 years ago. We arrived in Savannah, Georgia on Sunday. Delta took off on time twice and landed early twice.

I rented a car from Budget. At the airport, Budget had a sign that said to go to the Avis counter. It took 2 hours to get a car. There were at least 40-50 people ahead of us in line. By the time I got to the counter, there were 20 more people behind me. They originally had 2 people working the counter. Eventually, they increased it to 5 people.  I need to rent a car in Denver later this month. I will never use Budget or Avis again. The people at the counter were nice. The guy who helped me find our rental car in the lost was great but I am not going to wait 2 hours to rent a car. No service recovery. No apologies.

I needed to buy a belt and went to TJ Max. All the lights were on but they were NOT GOING to open early or on time. They opened about 9:33 am – 3 minutes past their 9:30 am posted time. Metro Bank in London opens 10 minutes early and closes 10 minutes late. This doesn’t cost you any additional money because you have a few employees who come in 20 minutes earlier and some who leave 20 minutes later. It enhances the customer experience.

I needed some tennis balls. The store next to TJ Max was an outfitter. They also had all the lights on but their doors were locked. Better to keep the merchandise under lock and key. This way no one buys the merchandise. I tried at 9:15 am and 10:15 am.

On Thursday I ordered something from Amazon. It was delivered to my home the next day. It is easy to see why they had profits of $30.4 billion last year and a $60.8 billion increase in sales. Jeff Bezos is once again the wealthiest person in the world. Amazon understands speed, convenience, and reducing friction. Most organizations feel uncomfortable with these kinds of sales, profits, and net worth.

Service Quality Institute has a complete training program called Speed you can use with your entire staff to change the mindset and organizational policies and rules. It is critical that you change the mindset and develop policies and rules that force speed. Click here for details on the Speed Training Program.

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