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Speed Matters! Customer Service is Social AND Mobile

I recently saw a blog post at the Software Advice blog entitled “Our Favorite Customer Service Apps,” by Lauren Carlson.

Lauren: I agree with your comments. You are on track to help organizations improve their customer service.

Customer Service Apps are critical for helping all of us understand who is committed to great service. Almost all firms would rate themselves a A or maybe a B on their level of customer service. Many firms believe that IVR is great service. They don’t understand about 90% of customers prefer a human instead of push 8 and go to “hell.”

We need to keep firms honest and push everyone to deliver better customer service. When we get poor service it is our responsibility to let others know.

Companies should be alert to the fact that speed in service is everything!  And customer service is not only social, it’s mobile, and apps will continue to be created to help consumers better deal with a company, when that company makes things difficult.

In the world, customer service tends to exist only in the minds of the CEO who has never secretly interfaced with his/her own organization. Very few firms spend money developing their people on the art of customer service. Most companies think if you put an employee through a customer service program of 4 hours every 10 years that is all they need. It is like sitting in on one class for college and then asking for your Degree. Crazy.

Companies can dramatically increase their revenue, market share and market dominance if they focus on a customer service strategy. They need to understand they are in customer service. Most firms think they are in banking, government, insurance, retail etc and rarely recognize they are first a Customer Service Company.

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