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The 6 Elements of Superior Service

I created the first customer service program called “Feelings” and released it in January of 1980. We have updated the program numerous times and sometimes it’s hard to keep count…. today we have 5 versions of Feelings.

All versions and updates focus on 6 core elements. The one thing I have found amazing is that these principles were critical in 1980 and are even more critical in 2019 to any organization’s success. Just think of your favorite sports team and how they will win or lose each game based on execution of the fundamentals and basics.

 6 Core Elements:

  1. Feel Good About Yourself. You have to build the self-worth and self-esteem of people. The vast majority of employees have many conflicts in their lives. Most have personal problems that disrupt their work day. Some have problems with their boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, kids, boss, relatives or friends. The Feelings customer service program recognizes that when employees feel good about themselves they are more productive and provide a better customer experience.
  2. Practice Habits of Courtesy It does not take longer to be nice so we encourage employees to ‘share the warmth”. Many employees act like robots. In seconds we can read the body language and warmth….so can our customers.
  3. Provide Caring Communications both verbally and non-verbally. Do your employees smile? Use your customer’s name. By simply introducing yourself and asking for their name, you are setting up a relationship. Use their name when asking questions or introducing them to others. Remember, they can see it in your facial expression and hear it in your voice.
  4. Perform. Do what you said you are going to do. Do it fast. Deliver on time or sooner. You can be the nicest person in the world but if you do not perform all of this is a waste.
  5. Listen to the customer. Help them use products and services that they want. Show them how to use the products and encourage questions. Many times they will find something they didn’t even know they wanted but you showed them something they didn’t see. Unfortunately many employees are so wrapped up in what they want to sell that they do not pay attention to customer’s requests.
  6. Learn About Your Products and Services. A customer can tell in seconds if you really know what service and products your organization sells. Many employees know very little about the total company. The employee turnover is so high that finding employees that are knowledgeable is rare. Learn everything you can about your company and the products and services they promote.

These principles are easy to understand and are not difficult to implement. They are magic!

The 5 versions of Feelings are:

Feelings for Professionals

Feelings Retail/Service

Healthcare with Feelings

Feelings Customer Care for Supermarkets

Connections for Higher Education