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What are the Financial Returns by Focusing on a Service Strategy?

In May 2003 I invested in 9 service leaders for $1,000 each. I wanted to see what would be the financial returns by firms that were focusing on customer service. What I didn’t understand 14 years ago, is several firms would lose their focus. Here are the results with the leaders at the top and why my $9,000 is now worth $67,705

Amazon $37,423
Home Depot $8,866
Costco $7,202
TD Bank (Formerly Commerce Bank – They used to outperform Amazon $4,471
Southwest Airlines $4,286
Walmart $2,388
JetBlu (They have never recovered from the Winter Snowstorm in Feb. 2007) $1,608
General Electric (Jeffrey Immelt, Former CEO and Board of Directors have focused on greed with Executive and Board Compensation and Wasteful Spending) Michael Dell retired in 2004 and turned the company over to Kevin Rollins. The first thing he did was eliminate the focus on customer service. The stock never recovered. $995
Dell $465
Total $67,705

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