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Has Customer Service Disappeared Because of COVID?

When COVID hit the world in March 2020 the world was shut down, and customer service vanished. Was it because of COVID or because companies were thinking only of survival?

When I wrote Feelings in 1979, the first customer service program ever developed in the world. I saw organizations spending millions on advertising trying to lure customers to their place of business. I could never understand why companies didn’t deliver great customer service. I released Feelings in January 1980 based on a very simple concept. When you get great service you come back and bring your friends. When you get lousy service you tell everyone and never go back.

Organizations have used COVID and the pandemic to give up on customer service. COVID is over in almost all parts of the world. I suggest starting January 2023, you focus on delivering awesome service.

All my research shows a company that delivers consistently great service builds a brand and increases the value of its business by 100-126,000 percent. Amazon is still the service leader. I lost one of my hunting gloves on Saturday while hunting for pheasants in Iowa. I went online at Amazon and ordered a new pair. They were delivered Saturday night. They have speed, price, and empowerment. They spend hundreds of millions training their staff, flawless execution, and great service recovery if they ever screw up.

In 2020 I released my book Relentless. Service leaders are Relentless. The problem is not many organizations are Relentless. My challenge to all the readers of this newsletter is to become Relentless. Step up your game and launch a service strategy in January 2023 to own and dominate the market. Order Relentless or from Amazon.

Take a look at the Proven Process for Driving a Service Culture. These steps work.

The most important person in every company is the front-line employee. Everywhere in the world, this person is the least valued. least trained and least loved. There are no educational institutions in the world that teach customer service. NONE.  If you want high-performing customer-driven employees it is your responsibility to build and develop these employees. The average employee turnover is around 25%. Many companies are concerned by the time they train their employees they will be gone. Better to just spend millions on advertising and marketing instead of building indispensable customer-driven employees. I think this is crazy.

It takes a lot of work to develop a customer-driven company. It is not easy. It takes a lot of focus, energy, and some money. The payoff is significant. It is the only strategy your competitors WILL NOT COPY, and you will have a 10-20 year lead time.

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