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What are the Financial Returns by Focusing on a Service Strategy?

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In May 2003 I invested in 9 service leaders for $1,000 each. I wanted to see what would be the financial returns by firms that were focusing on customer service. What I didn't understand 14 years ago, is several firms would lose their focus. Here are the results with the leaders at the top and why my $9,000 is now worth $67,705

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What does it take to be a Customer Service Leader?
Secretary and Board Director of Banco Promerica, El Salvador

I marvel at the endless publications of the self-help books that are published year after year. I mean, the information is out there, all the tricks in the books are available for anyone to miraculously lose weight, get in shape, think positive, be a better person, get rich, etc., the “how to” information is readily available. What is lacking, however; is the attitude of the reader to own up to the opportunity and start on a consistent, long and relentless journey to accomplishing that goal. Not easy!

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Creating a Service Culture

Many executives believe you can put all employees through one magic SQI customer service program and everyone will change all their attitudes and behaviors and become perfect. This only happens in your dreams. I believe you need something new, short, fresh and dynamic every 4 months. The real problem is you can never stop. Employee turnover will continue. Employees fall back into bad habits...

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What's New at SQI?

Upcoming Customer Service Certification Seminar
May 7-10, 2018 Minneapolis

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Train Your Entire Workforce in Only 12 Sessions

Start growing business success through customer satisfaction with the Service Quality Institute’s innovative Service First Video Library. Using the 12 short 15 minute DVD’s, your associates will learn the interpersonal communication skills needed to navigate each customer interaction effectively. You can go in any order you want.  You can train your entire staff for only $199 a month for 10 months or just one payment of $1,697. Individual videos are $225 each. It comes with unlimited use of the facilitator and participant material. No recurring costs.

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