SQI May 2018 Newsletter

Service Recovery
and Handling Irate Customers

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Every organization makes mistakes daily. Things go wrong and bad stuff happens no matter how committed we are to great service. 

When this happens, the frontline employee often takes the brunt of your customer’s wrath. Not every customer is nice and often uses derogatory language. When things blow up the customer can get very excited and their tone of voice changes dramatically, setting the stage for an unpleasant encounter. 

How do we handle this? In most companies, the employee lies and runs for cover. They figure it is better to let someone else handle the wrath of the customer and they know the customer will never remember who they talked to.  Lying only kicks the can down the road for someone else to handle and creates a better chance the customer will never come back.

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SQI's Online Learning Certification
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The Service Quality Institutes’ innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions.


We have 14 courses to choose from for our online learning.

  1. Quality Service Definition
  2. Customers and Their Decisions
  3. Understanding Customer Interaction
  4. Exceeding Customer Expectations
  5. Working as a Team
  6. Feedback
  7. Empowerment
  8. Employing the Strategy of Speed
  9. The Language of Positive Communication
  10. Effective Communication
  11. Effective Telephone Techniques
  12. Handling Complaints and Service Recovery
  13. Service Attitude and Mindset
  14. Quality of Work


  • Two different modes: Self-study or assisted/group learning
  • No need to gather personnel
  • Save time and money - No transportation, hotel or meal costs
  • Available 24/7
  • Same interaction as face-to-face only virtualized (in assisted learning mode)


The price for each session is only $49 and if you want all 14 the price is reduced to $499.

Channel Partners Wanted Across the World
SQI is looking for a few companies or individuals who would like to  represent our products in their marketplace

We need those with passion who want to help other companies become service leaders. An investment for inventory is required. In Ethiopia we have Ethiopian Airlines representing SQI. They are both a client and channel partner.

If you're interested contact:

Brook Brown

Carmen Velasco
Exec VP Latin America 

Marina Lukyantseva
VP Russia/CIS  

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