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What Do You Do When Mistakes Happen?

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In the US most firms believe they are really awesome at customer service but, no matter how good you are, problems occur.  Mistakes happen. I find most firms do not realize the danger of losing customers from mistakes and my recent experience reinforces that claim.

I flew to JFK in New York on a Sunday via Delta Airlines and then was connecting on Air France to Paris and finally Kiev I arrived about 10:30 AM Sunday May 28. Delta Airlines in Minneapolis was unable to issue me a boarding pass on their SkyTeam Partner, Air France.  They said to get one in New York. Little did I know Air France does not open their ticket counter until 1 PM for a 4:20 PM flight.  

If customer driven, a huge business would have “open hours” convenient to the customer. I have a $5000 business class ticket.

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SQI's Online Learning Certification in English

We have 14 courses to choose from for our online learning. Building a culture of service excellence within your business requires an individual and coordinated effort from every echelon in the corporate structure from sales associates to quality control, to management.

The Service Quality Institutes’ innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions.

We have 14 online learning courses for you to choose from and if you choose any 14 you receive Certification and a $187 discount. The pricing is $49 each and only $499 for all 14 and the Certificate.   Volume prices are available.

For larger organizations that can use English we can offer awesome pricing for up to 150 online courses including sexual harassment, workplace violence. compliance and health and safety.  We will have a new web site coming soon called www.OnlineLearningSQI.com  This site will have special offers for organizations who want online learning for a huge assortment of topics with unbelievable pricing. For more information and special pricing contact Brook Brown, Cell 1-952-232-9932  Brook@servicequality.com

The 14 sessions are:

  1. Quality Service Definition
  2. Customers and Their Decisions
  3. Understanding Customer Interaction
  4. Exceeding Customer Expectations
  5. Working as a Team
  6. Feedback
  7. Empowerment
  8. Employing the Strategy of Speed
  9. The Language of Positive Communication
  10. Effective Communication
  11. Effective Telephone Techniques
  12. Handling Complaints and Service Recovery
  13. Service Attitude and Mindset
  14. Quality of Work
It will play on mobile devices. Each of the 14 courses have a substantial amount of live video in the course.  Click here to order

Minnesota Speaker Hall of Fame

On June 13 John Tschohl received the Minnesota Speaker Hall of Fame award from the Minnesota Speakers Association. This is the most elite award they give each year. John has been speaking for over 40 years in 5 continents.  If interested in booking John please contact Brook Brown (Email: Brook@servicequality.com Cell: 952-232-9932)

His focus is on Service Strategy, The Customer Experience, Service Recovery, Speed, Empowerment and Moving Up (becoming indispensable and extra ordinary)

New Master Licensee for Bulgaria

SQI's new master licensee for Bulgaria is SERVICE QUALITY INSTITUTE BULGARIA LTD owned by Nickolay Petrov in Sofia.

His cell is +359 -888-219-6577

His email address is: nick@servicequality.com

Channel Partners Wanted Across the World
SQI is looking for a few companies or individuals who would like to represent our products in their marketplace

We need those with passion who want to help other companies become service leaders. An investment for inventory is required. In Ethiopia we have Ethiopian Airlines representing SQI. They are both a client and channel partner.

If you're interested contact:

Brook Brown 

Carmen Velasco 
Exec VP Latin America 

Marina Lukyantseva 
VP Russia/CIS  

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