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What Causes Employee Turnover?

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Very few firms understand the cost of employee turnover and damage it can do to their brand. Take a look at how your company values people from the front door to the corporate level. The mind set is pretty simple…the less you pay them the easier they are to replace. Not true!

Employees at the bottom of almost every organization are the face of your organization. I estimate that 99% of the customer contact is with these employees and they are the least respected and least compensated in any organization.

There are several reasons why employees leave: Money is on the list but not the driving issue. Do you think you know the other driving reasons why employees leave? Find out by reading our latest blog post...

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Apple becomes world's first company worth $1 trillion

Apple is the most powerful brand and the most valuable company in the world. While they have great products the customer service is superior. Very few executives understand the value of building a business around great customer service like Apple.

The stock hit a value of $207.39 a share. Apple is among the most widely held stocks in the world. It makes more money and pays its owners - the shareholders - more than any other public enterprise on the planet. .The iPhone launch on June 29, 2007 turned Apple into a financial juggernaut. That year saw Apple's market value climb from $72 billion to $173 billion. It reached $500 billion in 2012 and then $600 billion in 2016.

Revenue grew in the last quarter ending July 31 17% to $53.27 billion. Profit rose 32% to $11.52 billion.

Why Use the SQI Online Learning Portal?

Our portal of online courses is a comprehensive training solutions that continues customer service, soft skills and complaisance training all in one easy to use solution. Companies offer the online learning portal to all levels of employees as an innovative, new training program that increases engagement, provides development opportunities and builds organizations knowledge.

It's easy to get started,  visit our new web site for online learning
We have two levels: 

  1. Gold with 60 courses 
  2. Platinum with 100 courses

We can also brand the site with your company logo, imagery, text and custom URL

We have also 14 customer service courses to choose from for our online learning or you can choose the Gold or Platinum levels with 60 – 100 courses.

The Service Quality Institutes’ innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions.

For more information and special pricing contact Brook Brown
Cell 1-952-232-9932

It will play on mobile devices. Each of the 14 courses have a substantial amount of live video in the course. Click here to order .

Service Culture Plan or Induvial Learning Programs

If you are interested in our 1-3 year service culture plans where discounts are often over 90% give us a call or send an email.

Customer-Service.com has a variety of programs you can use to develop your workforce. SQI is the only company in the world that has enough different programs that you could give all employees a new program every 4 months for 4 years.

John Tschohl Keynote Presentations

I am everywhere in the world. I do short 60 - 120 minute keynotes for 1-3 day seminars all over the world.
Visit my website .

If you would like my speaker kit or more details, contact:

Brook Brown

Carmen Velasco
Exec VP Latin America 

Marina Lukyantseva
VP Russia/CIS  

Everyone is also on WhatsApp and Skype. 

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