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Zambia: The Most Customer-Centric Country in Africa

I am working with the government in Zambia to help them become the most customer-centric and most powerful economic power in Africa by focusing on a Service Strategy. I was invited to Zambia by Friday Nyambe, Director General, Office of the President, Republic of Zambia to Zambia.

Dr. Oliver Kalabo, Office of the President, Cabinet Office, Republic of Zambia, gave me a live testimonial here.

Zambia is in Southern Africa. Landlocked by 8 other countries with 150,000 square miles and a population of almost 20 million. Very mineral rich with copper, cobalt, gold, silver, lead, coal and emeralds. The wildlife is amazing. They have 20 National Parks and 36 game management areas. If you like being close to lions, cheetahs, and elephants. zebras, giraffes and all the wild animals, you will love Zambia.

It is exciting to work with a government that understands the power of developing 500,000 government employees and focusing on a Service Strategy. Keep an eye on Zambia, soon to be the most customer-driven country in Africa.