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Customer Service Quotes

“Use empowerment to ramp up your career, to build your business, and to take your corporation to the top.”

“Empowerment is having millions and millions and millions and millions of over happy customers.”

“I don’t believe you can be a service leader without Empowerment.  I’ve never met a CEO anywhere in the world who disagreed with my concept of Empowerment, which is to get employees to make a decision, on the spot, in favor of a customer.”

“The single biggest reason employees won’t make an empowered decision is because they fear getting fired.”

“If you don’t make an empowered decision, the customer will probably leave and not return.  Very few customers complain or push the problem up the chain of command.  They just walk.”

You have a live customer in your hands and something goes wrong.  Your employee could easily solve this problem with empowerment and maybe a small amount of money.  You have targeted marketing money.  Isn’t it better to use your marketing money to keep that customer happy?  What’s the worst thing that can happen?  An employee might give away too much.  Now you have an over happy customers.  If you have over happy customers you’ll own the market and you’ll have more money than you ever dreamed of.”

“Empowerment uses marketing money, and most companies seem to have an unlimited marketing budget.”

“When an employee makes an empowered decision it fuels word-of-mouth advertising, which is 10 times more effective and 10 times less expensive.  It’s money well-spent.”

“Companies spend millions on the land, building the store, and stocking it full of product, all for one thing—the customer.  But, when the customer actually appears, they fall down on the job.  All that time, thought, and money is wasted if the customer walks out, never to return.”

“Seldom do firms understand the power of a service strategy and how it fuels the most influential, least expensive form of advertising –word of mouth.”

All employees should have one single objective each day, and that is to produce over happy customers.  It’s really simple: smiling customers come back again and again and bring their friends, resulting in two very valuable assets to any company: customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

“The goal of any company should be to hire people who aren’t afraid to stand out.”

“Empowerment is all about creating an environment that gives employees the authority to make fast decisions to benefit customers.”

“Focus on creating fans, not just customers.”

“Empowerment simplifies your job by placing you in charge of your own performance and giving you the responsibility to improve your work.”

“Empowerment allows you to be assertive and get things done faster than before.  It puts you in control of your life and allows you to improve others’ lives as well.”

“Get to know your company, your customers, and yourself.  Learn everything possible about your job.  Don’t stop at the products or services you sell.  Understand the big picture, as well as your role in the entire business cycle.”

“To be empowered you need to take responsibility for seeking out information – you can’t wait for it to come to you.  Remember, knowledge is power.”

“The more you know about your company, your customers and your position, the better equipped you will be when called upon to create and innovate.”

“Employees moving up are never satisfied with the status quo.  They are always looking for ways to improve and exceed expectations.”

“You should have a voracious appetite.  Information is your lifeblood.  It’s the key to your success and satisfaction in the workplace.”

“By taking responsibility, you’ll perform at a higher level, get better overall results, and be happier.”

“Over happy customers should be the objective of every firm, and empowered employees are worth their weight in gold.”

When making an empowered decision, if your heart, head, and intentions are in the right place, your company will stand behind you, because their creative capital is…you.”

“Empowered employees see opportunities where others focus on problems.”

“It’s your customers that are paying your wages, employers simply handle the money.”

“The empowered employee has the authority and responsibility to bend any rule to the breaking point in order to serve a customer, over-deliver on a project, or utilize all available resources to solve a problem in a new and creative way.”

“Quality customer service, like most things in life, can be obtained only with hard work.”

“Believe in yourself.  To measure your progress, compare yourself with yourself, instead of with others.”

“Visualize yourself in your boss’s job or in his boss’s job.”

“Do more and learn more than customers and your boss expect.  Become valuable to your company.”

“To customers, you are the company.”

“Your performance determines how much customers buy and how often they buy it.”

“Good service is not something that the average person learns by participating in society.”

“Education has done a poor job of preparing people for the service jobs that exist.”

“Sale prices, advertising, merchandising, location, products, and services attract customers only once.  The quality of personal relationships is what brings them back.”

“If you are a pro in your work, a pro with a positive attitude and good work habits, prepare to make more money and be promoted faster.”

“Quality service is an art and it must be learned.”

“Successful people in any country and at any age always have taken responsibility for themselves.  They develop their qualifications and they reach for success.”

“The greatest opportunity exists at the top because there’s tremendous competition for the lower-level jobs and fewer people are competing for the top positions.”

“If your conscious self-directions are productive and healthy, and if they work for you, your unconscious self-directions also will be healthy and effective.”

“The greatest limitation you face is self imposed.  You set your own ceilings.”

“You can’t count on receiving enough compliments from others to sustain your ego and to equip yourself, emotionally, to do good work.  So, learn to compliment yourself.”

“One’s attitude, not aptitude, is the chief determinant of success.”

“Do your best and be honest with yourself.  If you aren’t doing your best, admit it so you can change your performance.”

“If you need a reason to do your best, money is a good one.”

“Snap up every opportunity that comes along to make a contribution.  Make suggestions for saving the company money, improving customer satisfaction, doing a job faster, and eliminating unnecessary work.”

“It’s very difficult to win a promotion and make more money if you do not love your job.”

“When you see yourself doing fantastic work, then you feel that you are doing fantastic work.  When you feel that way, you perform that way.  The way we see ourselves often determines what we do.”

“Our beliefs determine our attitudes.  Our attitudes create our feelings.  Our feelings determine our actions.  The end result is that our actions determine whether we succeed or fail.”

“Decide that you’re going to take steps to improve your own circumstances.  Set standards and goals for yourself. Never compromise with honesty.  Be orderly in person and in work.  Listen twice as much as you speak.  Help others succeed.”

“If you don’t expect much of yourself, you won’t deliver much.”

“If you set goals that stretch your abilities, you’ll deliver a lot because the challenge of higher achievement will motivate you.  You’ll be enthusiastic.”

“Realize that you have a lot of untapped potential locked in you. Everyone does.”

“Set challenging goals and devise a workable plan for reaching them.  If you do, soon you will find that the  success you expect is the success you have.”

“When you develop your untapped potential, and when you expect more of yourself, then you accomplish  more…yourself.”

“Self confidence shows through and motivates confidence of customers in.”

“Experience is gained by submitting yourself to obstacles and situations that others ordinarily shun. If you always avoid fearful situations, you miss the experiences from which you could best gain valuable know-how and, therefore, will fail to develop self confidence and positive expectancy.”

“The essence of a powerful life force ­­–a basic liking for yourself that enables you to make a contribution to the world, your society, and your family.”

“Association with people you respect who are more successful than you will help you stay on the course toward success.”

“Avoid modeling yourself after people who are less successful than you.  They are likely to put you down, considering you to be self-important or arrogant.”

“A service professional always lets the customer win.  Remember your goal is to keep the customer, not to prove who is right or wrong.  That’s your win.”