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July 2024

REDUCE THE FRICTION And Increase Sales and Profits

June 2024

COACHING FOR SUCCESS: Develop, Motivate and Retain Your Employees

May 2024

Service Recovery – Four Steps to Keeping Customers

April 2024

Moving Up – Steps to Moving Up the Ladder of Success

March 2024

Technology and a Personal Touch: Study Apple and Amazon and Then Copy What They Do

February 2024

Service Strategy: The Most Powerful Tool You Can Have

January 2024

BE RELENTLESS – It’s a Race With No Finish Line – But With Great Rewards

December 2023

Motivating Employees: Compliments and Kind Words Go Along Way

November 2023

Empowerment: The Backbone of Great Customer Service

October 2023

Smile: A First Impression Can Change Everything

September 2023

THE FACE IN THE MIRROR – Six Steps to Moving Up

August 2023

Handling Irate Customers

July 2023

The Need for Speed

June 2023

Thin the Herd – Fire Non-Performing Employees

April 2023

And the Most Valuable Player is…You!

March 2023

Be Relentless in Serving Your Customers

February 2023

How Do You Rate as a Boss?

January 2023

Recognition is Critical

December 2022

Call Customers by Name

November 2022

Customer Service Heros

October 2022

Writing a “Relentless” Service Culture Plan

September 2022

The Need for Speed

July 2022

Reviewing Employee Performance

June 2022

Drive Your Business by Empowering Your Employees

May 2022

Become Indispensable and Extraordinary

April 2022

Five Steps to Getting Great Customer Service

March 2022

The 4 C’s in Handling Irate Customers

February 2022

Get an Edge with Customer Service Training

January 2022

9 Steps to Retaining Employees

December 2021

Speed Sells

November 2021 

Hire Dogs that Want to Pull the Sled

October 2021

Relentless Role Models

September 2021

Nine Steps to A Service Culture

August 2021

Magical Words

July 2021

How to Motivate and Coach Employees for Success

May 2021

Create Customer Passion by Remembering and Using Your Customers Name

April 2021

Empowerment – Over Happy Customer for Life

March 2021

A Tale of Nine Investments and the Power of a Service Strategy

February 2021

Becoming a Brand Your Customers Fall in Love With

January 2021

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

December 2020

Service Recovery…Handling the service failures and screw ups

November 2020

Breaking the Golden Rule Be Relentless

 September 2020

The Value of Relentless Customer Service in Tough Times

August 2020

What is Relentless?

June 2020

Navigating the Difficult Times

March 2020

Create a Powerful Customer Experience 

February 2020

Treat Customers like Life-long Partners

January 2020

Leading and Making a Difference

December 2019

The Magic in Service Recovery

October 2019

Empowerment is Power in Customer Service

September 2019

Paying Attention to Service Pays Off

August 2019

Bad Service Nullifies Advertising

July 2019

Being Seduced into Fitting In

June 2019

Empowerment…Never Use “NO”

May 2019

 If We Fail to Learn, We fail to Grow

April 2019

Does it Really Pay to Focus on Exceptional Service?

March 2019

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

February 2019

Being Relentless

January 2019

Getting Lost Customers Back

December 2018

Create the Love

November 2018

Emboldening an Empowered Team

October 2018

Success is Staring You Right in the Face

September 2018

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Become Relevant to Your Customers

August 2018

The Religion of Empowerment at Disney

July 2018

How to Pi** Off Your Customers

June 2018

Out-learn Your Competition

May 2018

Are You Guessing on Your Quality of Customer Service? 

April 2018

Delivering an Unmatched Customer Experience in the Digital Age

March 2018

Are You Worth More?

February 2018

FEAR of Failure



The Habits of Highly Successful People


Writing a “Knock Your Socks Off” Service Culture Plan


Giving it Your Best Shot


Avoid Speed Trap Policies

Hard Work


Talent is Cheaper Than Table Salt


In a Thriving Business, Customers Are Not Optional


Customer Service with Passion and Principles



Standing Still Can Kill Your Business – The Importance of Online Training


Hard Work

How to switch off an irate customer


You Want Answers? ASK! 


Take a “Vow to Wow”


Overt Operations…How to Beat Your Competitors 

Your Best Bet for Success…Hire the Right people


Taking the Sting out of Criticism

It May Not Be Your Fault, It Is Your Problem 

Smart shopping: What customers really want is not always
what they say they want

From Average to Awesome

Using Other’s Talents to Accomplish Your Vision 

Customers Will Rememeber You…But Can You Remember Their Names? 

How to Switch Off an Irate Customer

When You Have to Say “You’re Fired!” 

Disruptive Service Today is Tomorrow’s Competitive Advantage

There’s No Place Like Home…The Home Depot 

The need for SPEED

How to Increase the Value of Your Company by 25%…A Game Changer

Should You Fire 10% of Your Employees? 

The Golden Rule of Efficiency—“He Who Would Profit Most, Must Serve Best.”    


Know How to Rock the Boat

When the Going Gets Tough

Customer Expirience Can Be Worth Millions in Annual Revenue

Learning the Hard Way

Coaching For Success = More Profit

How Do They Do It… Year After Year?

Make Every Week Customer Service Week

Move Lost Customers Into the Profit Zone

The Importance of “The Little Things”

The Battle For Customers

Service Recovery…Handling the Screw-up

12 Reasons Why Employee Training Fails

Press “1” To Go Nowhere

Effective Complaining To Achieve Results


Effective Leadership vs Management

The Power of Word of Mouth

Deal With an Irate Customer, Don’t Lose Them

Effective Complaining to Acheive Results

Vail Resorts the Ultimate Customer Service Experience

Press “1” to go nowhere

Customer Service Keynote Speaker John Tschohl Shows How to Take a Customer from Hell to Heaven in 60 Seconds Or Less

Customer Service Keynote Speaker John Tschohl Asks “Do You Make These 12 Employee Training Mistakes?”



Customer Service Keynote Speaker John Tschohl Proves Empowered Employees Create Profits

Customer Service Leaders Must Master Speed

Tanzanian Pension Fund Organization, Parastatal Pension Fund (PPF) Scoops Customer Service Excellence-Best Practices Award

2013 Innovative Leadership in Driving a Service Culture Award

Ethiopian Airlines Chosen as Worldwide Customer Service Leader

ASO Savings & Loan, PLC Chosen as Worldwide Client of the Year

Want to Dominate Your Competitors? Focus on a Customer Service Strategy

Personal Connections, Mastering the Telephone

Don’t Loosen That Grip, Resist the Urge to Relax Financial Controls

Build Your Dream Team. Educate, Motivate, Stimulate, Evaluate, and Terminate

Who Are Your Customers? If You Dont’ Know, How Can You Serve Them?

Moving Up. Take Control and Get Out of That Rut!

Time to Hire? Target Your Recruiting Efforts

Masters of the Customer Experience. What Kind of Value Do You Provide Your Customers?


How Do You Impact Your Employees and Their Productivity?

Follow the Leader – And Leave the Rest of the Pack Behind

Customer Service Myths: The Real Story Behind Superior Service

First Class Customer Service – Vladimir Kalaev, InfoSocial, talking to John Tschohl in Moscow on August 28, 2012

Wanted: E-Commerce Leaders – Everything You Do Should Focus on the Customer

Walk In Your Customers’ Shoes

TV Interview in Ekaterinburg, Russia: Гуру сервиса


Who Controls Your Destiny?

A Winning Strategy

Reduce Costs and Improve Morale

Technology and the Human Touch

Customer Service Myths

Where are the Role Models?

Keep Those Complaints Coming



INTERVIEW: Empowerment A Way of Life on Good Morning Vail 12/19/10
If You don’t Believe Me, Believe Them: Empowerment Role Models
Russia News article
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Remove The Roadblocks: And Let Your Empowered Employees Grow Your Business
Service Recovery: A Great Return on Investment
A Tale of 3 Investments and the Power of a Service Strategy
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A Lesson in How Not to Win Customers – April 2010
No Job is Safe – March 2010 
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Don’t Tell Them, Show Them – January 2010


Surviving a Bad Economy – December 2009
Strike a Blow for Customer Service – November 2009
6 Steps of Customer Service – October 2009
A $25 Mistake – August 2009 
Exceptional Service, Exceptional Returns – July 2009

Bullet Proof Your Job – June 2009
Eliminate Waste & Reduce Cost – February 2009


Get a Promotion and Double Your Income – November 2008
Create A Powerful Customer Experience – October 2008
Getting Customers Is Easy – September 2008
Are You Making Your Employees Sick? – August 2008
No Empowerment Means No Service – July 2008 
Tough Times Call For Tough Action – June 2008 
A Mixed Blessing – May 2008
What’s Driving Your Business – April 2008
Leave The Hammer At Home – March 2008
Don’t Run From Complaining Customers – February 2008 
Create a Service Culture – January 2008


Empowerment Is It A Myth? – November 2007 
Service Recovery – October 2007
e-Service: The Missing Link – September 2007
New Training Program – August 2007
How Do You Motivate Employees? – July 2007 
Service: The Key to Increased Sales – June 2007
Too Little Too Late – May 2007 
Want to Make More Money? – April 2007 
Customers Come First at Banco G & T – March 2007
The Power of Fundamentals – February 2007
Service Recovery Puts The WOW In Customer Service – January 2007


Don’t Hire Employees Who Don’t Like People – December 2006 
If You Want Good Service, You Must Challenge Bad Service – November 2006
Bostwana – The Best In The World – October 2006
Got Voicemail? Dump It! – September 2006
Bad Bosses: Don’t Be One – August 2006
Save Money and Build Morale – July 2006
6 Steps To Creating A Service Culture
If you Worship at the Altar of Policies and Procedures, You’ll Never Have Satisfied Customers – May 2006
Plan For Success – And You Will Succeed – March 2006
4 Dirty Little Secrets Of Empowerment – February 28, 2006
E-Commerce: Technology Alone Won’t Ensure Success Service is a Critical Element – February 2006
China Turns To The U.S. For Customer Service Training – January 2006


What is Service Recovery – And Why Do You Need It? – December 2005 
Forget Money Focus on Praise – November 2005
It’s Time To Stand Up And Complain – September 2005
Everything You Wanted to Know About Service Recovery – August 2005

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