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Past Newsletters

July 2024
Speed – The Backbone on Great Service

June 2024
Are Your Employees Empowered?

May 2024
Service Recovery: How to Take a Customer from Hell to Heaven in 60 Seconds or Less

April 2024
Speed is Critical to Great Service

March 2024
6 Steps for Great Customer Service in 2024

February 2024
Two Relentless Customer Service Role Models and Incredible 2023 Financial Results

January 2024
Changing Attitudes and Behaviors

December 2023
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Service Quality Institute

November 2023
Elon Musk – The Richest Man on Earth

October 2023
Handling Complaints and Irate Customers

September 2023
14 Amazon Leadership Principles and Why They Matter

August 2023
Build Rapid Sales Through a Service Strategy

July 2023
9 Principles for Driving a Service Culture

June 2023
Blueprint to Become a Customer Service “Rockstar”

May 2023
Amazon’s 2022 Annual Report – The Most Customer Service Driven Firm in the World

April 2023
Zambia: The Most Customer-Centric Country in Africa

March 2023
Empowerment: The Backbone of Great Service

February 2023
Northeast Delta Dental: A Relentless Customer-Driven Role Model

January 2023
Benefits of Creating a Service Culture

December 2022
Ethiopian Airlines Soon to be the Most Customer-Centric Airline in the World

November 2022
Has Customer Service Disappeared Because of COVID?

October 2022
Awesome Service from the US Post Office

September 2022
New Programs and Upgrades of our Customer Service Programs

August 2022
Is Training Employees on Customer Service Really Necessary?

July 2022
Why is Great Customer Service So Hard to Find?

June 2022
Speaking Tours in Georgia and Azerbaijan

May 2022
Amazon and Home Depot 2021 Annual Reports

April 2022
The Power of Service Recovery

March 2022
Vail Like Nothing on Earth is Losing its Brand

February 2022
Two Service Leaders Who Own and Dominate Their Markets through a Service Strategy

January 2022
Warren Buffet on Success and Customer Experience 

December 2021
Remember and Using a Customer’s Name

November 2021
Service Leaders – The Power of the Service Strategy

October 2021
KMF, Microfinance Focusing on the Service Strategy in Kazakhstan

September 2021
The City of Moscow is a Service Leader

August 2021
Service Recovery Critical to Keeping Customers

July 2021
Reducing Employee Turnover and Motivating Employees for Excellence

June 2021
The Service Strategy

May 2021
Proven Process for Driving a Service Culture

April 2021
The Magic of the Customer Experience 

March 2021
A Relentless Model Starting 1995-2020 Using a Service Guarantee

February 2021
The Hidden Secrets of Amazon’s Success Everyone Should Practice

January 2021
Make it Easy for Someone to do Business with You

December 2020
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

November 2020
Relentless Customer Service Pays Off

October 2020
Seven Steps on How to Survive the Covid-19 Sales Downturn

September 2020
Customer Service Role Models 17 Years Later

August 2020
Be Relentless – Make Customer Service Your Core Principle

July 2020
Relentless – Customer Service the Only Core Principle

June 2020
In the Era of COVID-19, Customer Service has Vanished

May 2020
Covid-19 Service Leaders: Delta Airlines and Allstate

April 2020
Invest in Your Mind to Move Up and Cash-In

March 2020
Being Relentless, The #1 Trait for Success

February 2020
Northeast Delta Dental – Being Relentless Creates 70 Percent Market Share

January 2020
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Success Moving Up

December 2019
What is Customer Experience?

November 2019
November Service Recovery

October 2019
Get Over Happy Customers with Empowerment

September 2019
How a Small Insurance Company uses their Service Guarantee to Increase Revenue 7 Times

August 2019
Auto Insurance…The Need for Speed

July 2019
The Power of Great Service

June 2019
Customer Service Leaders Financial Returns

May 2019
The 6 Elements of Superior Service

April 2019
Why is being “Relentless” Critical to Creating a Service Culture?

March 2019
Health Care run by Robots vs. The Mayo Clinic

February 2019
How a Small Insurance Company has 70% Market Share in New Hampshire

January 2019
New Improved Website for Service Quality Institute

December 2018
Focusing on the Customer Experience

November 2018
Why it’s Almost impossible to Implement a Service Culture Plan

October 2018
If you invested $1,000 in Amazon 20 years ago, how much would you have now?

September 2018
Why is Empowerment So Difficult to Use?

August 2018
What Causes Employee Turnover?

July 2018
Does Good Service Get You Into The Game?

June 2018
What Do You Do When Mistakes Happen?

May 2018
Service Recovery and Handling Irate Customers

April 2018
$4 Billion Acquisition, Lousy Service and Burning Millions on Advertising

March 2018
The Apple of Banking – An Amazing 2017 for Metro Bank

February 2018
The Power of a Service Guarantee…

January 2018
What are the Financial Returns by Focusing on a Service Strategy?