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Service Quality Institute gives companies all over the world the techniques and training to make and keep quality customer relationships.  Loyal, returning customers drive more revenue each year in every industry worldwide than new customers, making quality customer service an essential element to any sales strategy.  Through training programs, conferences, books and other materials, your employees can learn about the value of a service culture from customer service guru John Tschohl and SQI.

SQI’s training programs, conferences, and other materials empower employees and help to create happy, loyal customers.  SQI has already helped hundreds of companies across the world drive sales through customer loyalty, and create an organized system for improving customer relationships.  With easy to follow materials and guided strategies to resolve conflict in any industry or step in the process, managers and company decisions makers are empowering their businesses with unbeatable customer service tools.

Read the customer service testimonials to see how business leaders are improving their company performance through quality service.  Introduce these powerful tools into your company and start growing business success through customer satisfaction.

Video Testimonials

Jose Maria Hernandez, Director General & President – Grupo Pollo Pepe, Guadalajara Mexico – In Spanish with English Subtitles

May 2021 Certification Seminar Russian testimonial 
Seminar conducted by Aneta Korobkina in Moscow Russia

Georgi Gunchev, SQI Licensee Bulgaria

Aneta Korobkina – K-A World

Dong Pham Van – Kim Kim Thanh Co. LTD Parker Vietnam

Charles Akoso- Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
Joe Reimer – Caribbean Tire  
   Pius Bako – Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission                           Olisa Chukwuma – Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
Chinedu Anyigor – Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission   
Atiseer Gberkon – Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission 


Oscar Orozco, Executive Director, Banco Proamerica, El Salvador

Eduard Kim, President Technodom, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Edgar Callo, Corporacion E Wong, Lima Peru

Samuel Sarpong, Chief Operating Officer, GCB Bank Limited, Accra Ghana


Written Testimonials

 April 22, 2021

All the programs that I completed are very informative. I am not sure if I can pick a favourite because they are all equally good. My customer service skills are enhanced and improved since commencing your programs. The information I learned is always at the forefront when interacting with my colleagues and clients. One phrase that really stuck with me is, always surprise your customer. This, in my opinion, forms the basis for excellent customer service.


Monica Creque

MSC Consultancy
Virgin Islands

SQI with its programs for managers and employees provides comprehensive knowledge which I missed getting a professional economical education as well as professional training’s. Every organization who serve customers have to learn how to do it proper otherwise they just loose customers meaning their money.

No one in the entire world will give you as much as SQI does.

Olga Ivanitckaia, St. Petersburg, Russia

March 9, 2020

Banco Promerica (of Grupo
Promerica) is a regional commercial bank throughout Central America, Panama, Ecuador, Florida, USA, Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic. We have over 950 branches and  over fifteen thousand employees whom are trained regularly with the one single focus: Empower the staff and provide our customers with exceptional service.

There is no secret to our outstanding success. Well, at least not for us there isn´t but the competition thinks we´ve got one. For us the customer is first…period. That´s the secret! Well, that´s one of them. Creating a culture around that premise has been our relentless effort for decades. We continue to improve the customer service by constantly training and developing our staff. 

Our other secret has been finding John Tschohl, President, CEO and founder of The Service Quality Institute and utilizing all of their wonderful and creative, customer service training programs. Add to that, the personal coaching John has provided to us over the years. Through his guidance, we broke the mold to the traditional and standard Monday through Friday banking. We designed innovative programs throughout our branch system such as opening for business, every day, at 8:00 a.m. and staying open until 7:00 p.m. daily, and until 9:00 p.m. in
strategic locations.

Our most current innovation, and keeping us ahead of the competition, is a service guarantee of a maximum 20 minute waiting time to be served at the teller line. Proudly, last year we achieved  99% of that goal.

We appreciate the relationship with John and SQI and are very thankful for their guidance, coaching and outstanding training programs for the past 20 years.

Good day, good sales and service. We´ll meet you at the top!!!

Oscar M. Orozco, Sr.
Banco Promerica
Director Secretario
Junta Directiva El Salvador y
Consultor Regional


Margarita Valle, Customer Service Manager, Interairports, S.A. Honduras

“Grupo Terra won the concession to manage Honduran airports in 2005, it wasn’t until 2013 that the company decides to create a customer service department. In 2016, after years of planning and pitching ideas plus the Groups growth plans we developed the service culture plan for the Group.

Grupo Terra vision shifted towards service, in 2013 the hired me to develop the Customer Service department, immediately I reached out to Service Quality Institute to help me create the foundation of our service program and define the basis of our culture.

My approach to cultural evolution was designed with one aim in mind – to help our organization become the best service provider in Central America. We spend significant time with the key people in our organization to understand the current culture, define aspirations, and set a winning path. Our path before SQI, was as many companies operate today, customer service was present but not a priority. After the SQI we shifted our mentality, plans, and focused on customer needs.In 2019 we won two international awards for customer service. Everything we have accomplished has been thanks to programs like Service Quality Institute and an amazing team that work non-stop to make every passenger journey, pleasantly”.


Dear, John, we really enjoyed meeting and working with you and we would love to have you come back to speak at future events! 

This autumn we organized one of the biggest business events in Bulgaria – WOW Customer Service with John Tschohl. John spoke for almost 400 business owners and managers. John’s energy, passion, endurance and connection with the audience was beyond impressive. His message was relatable and his humor kept the audience’s attention for the entire presentation. From the moment he came into the hall to the moment he left the conference his focus was on our attendees and his professionalism did not go unnoticed. Our attendees left his presentation energized and excited about his message and his performance. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on John’s presentation!

Teodora Dobreva
Event Manager 
Web and Events Ltd.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Cleopas Chiketa, CPF
“My name is Cleopas Chiketa I am a Deputy Director with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. I worked with Service Quality Institute SQI 3 Year Culture Plan . The module on Feelings for Professionals assisted our Econet Wireless Zimbabwe  team when we ran the session . It dismantled all silo mentalities and connected cross functional teams and everyone was scoped for service . The program made every staff member a front liner in their thinking as all focused on satisfying the external clients and generate value.”

Oscar M. Orozco, Senior
“During the past 16 years, my organization has utilized many of the programs that The Service Quality Institute has produced. Beginning with the original; Service First – Video Library, Leading Empowered Teams, Loyal for life and Feelings. All of them are outstanding programs to initiate a Customer Service Culture in any organization that is serious about developing a Service Strategy that will shadow its competition.

Most recently this year, we have started to train our staffs with the newest program that Mr. John Tschohl launched; Empowerment – A way of life.

The quality of this program is unequal to prior ones, in my opinion this one is one of John´s best. The excellent quality of the videos and detailed to its minute concept; Trainers Manuel and The Participants´ Handbook, is a master´s work.”

Teresa Cueva, President
“Thanks to these programs, professionally designed by SQI, we have been able to impact more than 100,000 Peruvians (workers of different levels and leaders) who today have a strong service culture”

Rodney G. Williamson, Manager
“The Exceptional Service program is very easy for our team members to understand and they are able to relate to the situations the DVD provides.”

Erin Schwie Langston , Strategic Customer Services, City of Dallas
“This is one of the only training programs that specifically addresses the unique customer service aspect from a government, not business, perspective.”

Luis Abadia , Parts Manager, Guatemala, Central America
“Immediately after the first session, there were obvious changes in my staff, both in the way they deal with customers, and in communication with co-workers and supervisors.”

Jose R. Mariategui , President, JLT Peru
“Ever since we hired your company, the client retention has increased tremendously and I am receiving very positive feedback from our clients.”

Juan Torres , General Manager, Amadeus East Africa
“I have to admit that the team has changed, it is more focused on quality customer service and it takes much more empowered decisions than before and the results in the business are tangible.”

Ethiopian Aviation Academy Trains 823 CBE Employees

Ethiopian Aviation Academy conducted a customer service training entitled “Delighting the Customer” to a total of 823 employees of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The training was held from July to September, 2015 under the theme “Feelings for Professionals” highlighting the importance of feeling and professionalism for excellent customer service.

The participants include front line employees, first line supervisors and branch managers stationed in Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Dire Dawa, Bahir Dar and Jimma. According to the participants, the training was motivating, inspiring and a true wake-up call to what customer service is all about. They also said that they witnessed how important professionalism and feeling good about oneself is in providing excellent customer service. The Academy thanked the instructors and their colleagues for the successful training.

This is the second time that the Academy gave such courses to trainees who are not employees of Ethiopian as part of discharging the Company’s social responsibility by sharing its best experiences in leadership and management to different public institutions and enterprises, generating revenue for itself in the process.