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Idea Campaigns

Exemplary customer service comes from motivated associates who feel confident in their company, product, and service knowledge. Through innovative and novel employee customer service training and idea campaigns, your entire work force will be empowered to take a proactive approach to exceptional customer service so you build a brand around the customer experience.

The Service Quality Institute’s unique approach to customer service excellence is designed to turn superior customer satisfaction into a definitive mindset, establishing a standard of service that becomes reflexive. Through inventive programs such as the “Buck-A-Day” or “BAD Campaign”, and the Good Idea Campaign, your staff will find motivation in their own abilities to make constructive and helpful decisions, garnering personal recognition, preserving your bottom line, and discovering helpful practices that promote efficiency and quality.

Take a moment to read more on these and other empowering employee campaigns, and find out how easy it is to implement such initiatives in your office, and as always, contact our outstanding customer service representatives throughout the world.

“BAD” Buck-A-Day Campaign

During these tough economic times, what if each of your employees saved a Buck-A-Day?

Successfully run at over 3,000 organizations ranging from hospitals to banks, insurance companies to manufacturers.

These companies have literally saved millions of dollars internally!

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Good Idea Campaign

The Good Idea Campaign focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. It is a 30 day special event that encourages everyone to seek out improvement opportunities, find ways to eliminate recurring problems, and have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This is a program your entire organization will enjoy by benefitting from positive encouragement.