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Free Customer Service Performance Standard Measurements

As you put your employees through our customer service programs, we have a new software you can use that will do several things.
1. Track which program an employee goes through.   
2. Did they attend each session?
3. Each program now has the hard copy customer service performance standard in a software format that measures the behavior,skills, and attitudes for each program of SQI’s they go through in English or Spanish. Other languages are being  added.
4. The employee can evaluate their own performance. What gets measured you get more of.
5. The supervisor or manager can evaluate the skills and behaviors of each employee that goes through each of our programs.
6. As the employee goes through SQI programs you can see the progress with performance, skills, and attitudes.
7. The software is on our server but large companies who want this on their own server can do this.
8. All of this is FREE. Available to anyone using SQI programs.

English User Manual